Warrior Space

Where I come from, that is, where my energy body comes from, I am considered a warrior. It’s part of my energy body’s name, as best it can be translated: Sleeping Decadence Warrior. One who fights sleeping decadence. But I am not a warrior here incarnate. I am so blessedly weak here. Where I come from is peace and harmony and light. Being a warrior there is to shoot like a falling star into the darkness and to transduce light. The discipline is to stay within yourself through the darkness. To remain your true self, unconsumed.

Being a warrior on Earth is different because this is third chakra space. This is warrior space. Where I come from, if you fight you have already lost. You have lost yourself. On Earth, everything is a struggle. I am as I have always been, but to be a warrior in my home is to be a healing on Earth.


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