I would rather work with the most ignorant person who is overwhelmed by compassion, humility and openness, than work with the most knowing mystic or healer who cannot release their ego and needs in this moment.

That was always the first lesson for me and I think it will be the last.


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  1. mike Clelland Says:

    Well said.

    It is a curious thing for me. There are individuals with really powerful information, yet their “style” is sort of a turn off. I am very understanding and it’s easy for me to accept other peoples flaws. I can see the inflated ego as the same kind of flaw as a speech defect, or someone who is very shy. I sometimes I can even move past their ego issues, and glean the helpful insights that they can share.

    But, it can be so obnoxious.

  2. wildrote Says:

    Your observations are astute, as usual, Mike.

    “There are individuals with really powerful information, yet their ‘style’ is sort of a turn off.” I should acknowledge that I probably fall into that particular category, well, the style aspect at least, for many other people and thus my comments my be somewhat unintentionally ironic.

    That aside, I will say that I have on several occasions given up working with persons who had demonstrated knowledge and abilities beyond my own. I don’t think I’m going to be able to articulate this, for which I am very sorry, but one way of speaking the essence that has been conveyed to me and comes through me is that power, force and even knowledge, are utterly unreal and impotent. Knowledge is occasionally the key to a particular jail cell, but it is not freedom itself. They may free you to build a new cell wherever you find rest. If you abuse them then you build another cell inside your old one, and another, and another, until you have no room left.

    Perhaps this says more about me than anyone else.

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