The Revelation of the Magi

I found this near the beginning of the month, but hadn’t decided if I should post it. It feels right this morning.

I’m not sure what the quality of the scholarship is, but according to an ABC News reports an ancient text called The Revelation of the Magi was recovered from the Vatican archives recently. It contained an alternate version of the biblical story of the three wise men. I’m feeling some difficulty explaining my reaction to this version of the story. It seems almost too perfect, as if it were crafted to appeal specifically to someone of my sensibilities, both mystical and anomanlist.

In the “Revelation of the Magi,” Landau said, the Star of Bethlehem not only led the Wise Men, but actually became the Christ child.

“The cave is filled with light,” Landau said, describing the transcribed text. “They’re kind of hesitant about this, but eventually the star…its light concentrates and reveals the small luminous human being…a star child, if you will…it’s Christ.”

“Christ tells them, ‘This is one of many occasions on which I have appeared to the peoples of the world,'” Landau said. “So this text may even be saying that there are no non-Christian religions because Christ is the revelation behind everything.”

The similarities to modern UFO experiences (edit: not to mention similarities to other ancients texts that talk about men, gods and beings from the sky who taught humanity) are almost painfully obvious. I actually started laughing when I got to these parts of the article because it was just so lacking in any kind of metaphor or subtly to conceal it. The article is worth a read, though the video report is an odd mix of information from the article and a somewhat gee-golly-gosh field trip to Bethlehem:


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