Ripples and Shadows

I wrote this for my mother recently.

“I once treated others as I wanted to be treated. This was most unkind of me. Now I treat them as dreamers, eccentric objects set along a path, their identities, words and thoughts just the ephemeral ripples and shadows cast by the massive trans-rational currents of which their greater beings are comprised and which define the true course of their life. My form here in this life is little different. They still receive the same compassion and consideration that I show all beings, animate and inanimate. When I try to elicit the distinctions inherent in my view of humanity from them, such as original thought and creation, I am fulfilling a desire of my ego, even if it feels grounded in altruism. Releasing that desire brings me much clarity. Within that clarity I have found that struggling with others will not free them, it will only entrap me with conflict. They cannot be free without being transformed, taken beyond the identities to which they cling fiercely. That process of transformation cannot function as literal agenda or argument, only as something that my actions allow to come into being.

I am not telling you these things I have experienced so that they will change you, or educate you. I am telling you because I love you and I do not want to be opaque to you. Also because I couldn’t sleep until I had adequately articulated myself, but that is purely self interested.”

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