Leaving the Box

When I was growing up I put myself in a box called Be-A-Great-Scientist-and-Writer-and-Smarter-Than-Everyone-Else-So-You-Can-Change-the-World. I was very good at being in the box, but I was also very sick. I hurt a lot and I didn’t know why. I had always hurt a lot, but I didn’t know why even more than when I was small and asked my mother to make it stop. I’d gotten so used to the box that I couldn’t see it anymore.

My guides were very worried about me. They had tried everything they could to get me out of the box, but I had gotten so used to the pain and so far away from myself that they couldn’t talk to me anymore. They came to me one day and tried one more time. “Christopher. This isn’t your path. If you don’t stop you are going to die. We love you, but you need to stop. We aren’t allowed to stop you, but we can stop holding back the badies who want to hurt you. You are going to get sicker and it will hurt, but you need to wake up. This needs to be real for you and we have nothing left to give.”

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