A Shock to Me

I try to transcend shock where ever I encounter it in myself. I try to maintain my awareness through consternation and incomprehension. I become transparent, perfectly aware of the potential reaction within me without becoming it.

I see shock, consternation, reaction as closing and recorded loops of behavior. Going in circles. All together humans go in circles and it maintains the big circle, the mandala of human society. To be born, educated, work, find a mate, grow old and die, all while accumulating the values of your society, both material and metaphysical.

It has, in one form or another, been the work of my life to expand my patterns of behavior and reaction, my circles, until I can no longer perceive their curve. Instead of my perception reflecting back on myself within a moment, or an hour, or a day, my perspective becomes indefinitely large. I am not unconsciously reacting to the stimuli presented to the human being Christopher Taylor. My life in this physical form, this circle of human life, is just an small arch in a much greater circle.


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