Be a Lens and Light Will Come

Chris: You don’t give me much to hang onto, you know.

Guides: Because what you do must come from a place so deep within you that it can never be taken away.

Imagine: You open your eyes to one who is trapped in suffering. You move to help them. It comes as easily as the beating of your heart and the sigh of your breath. Your hands touch their chains and they begin to dissolve like wet tissue. Perfect awareness without thought, each action flowing, spontaneous. Their wounds are next. Lesions are washed and healed with light. Pathogens are drawn out and taken into custody. Curses are ended. Karma is healed. Their minds and memories restored to them. Their emotional trauma washed and allowed to heal. Their capacity for joy and the connection to the source of their being returned. Open a window to a place of safety and freedom beyond the reach of those who would harm them, and allow them, their family and friends to go there.

Flow through this until it is part of you. Each time it is different you will be different. Listen. Be a lens and light will come.

Anything you remember will be taken from you. You only get to keep what you become.

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