Earth People

I resist the urge quite often to post media of various kinds. I am much more comfortable writing about direct experiences, but every now and again there is something that speaks to me and is a little too much for me to pass up.

Via Jason Louv’s Youtube.


2 Responses to “Earth People”

  1. Quanta Says:

    I find this an apropos addition to your site. Next time I’m at the record store I’m going to look for Space Hymns, along with Kaleidoscope’s Tangerine Dream and Klaatu’s 3:47 EST. Apparently the timeless quandary of interspecies communication can be effectively expressed in psychedelic space folk music (surprise!). Thanks to you (and Jason Louv) for an introduction to Ramases’ relatively-obscure music.

  2. wildrote Says:

    You’re quite welcome, Stace.

    I’m rather fond of this song, so I think I’ll have a listen to the others that you’ve mentioned.

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