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The Gulf Oil Disaster Never Ended: II

October 29, 2010

Lucretia Heart of Towards a New World recently posted two shocking aggregations of news stories on the continuing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

1. BP and Govm’t Continue To Hide Truth About BP Oil Spill — (the NEW stuff)

2. Reports On BP Oil Spill Still Coming Out– It Looks Worse and Wore

I Dwell Among The Broken

October 28, 2010

The title of this post is a phrase that I hear in my mind on a regular basis. It is a reminder of the kind of people I am here to be with. It is, however not an admonition to throw myself into the deepest pit of stagnant suffering, but to be with those who have traversed, or are traversing, that abyss. The reasons for this are not limited to compassion alone. I am speaking about people who have been broken open, taken beyond themselves by the conditions of life. Because we are so frail and fragile in this physical form and because we have identified with so many of those limitations, we usually see there dissolution through ruin, though in truth it can be ecstasy as well.

I was brought to write about this by a conversation that Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun published with Jeff Kripal, the author of a forth coming book on the paranormal entitled “Authors of The Impossible.” The salient portions of Kripal’s commentary are reproduced below:

“Our egos, social selves, or religious identities, of course, are not always ready for this expansion, and so they experience this form of superconsciousness as threatening, terrifying, dark, and so on….

Very simply, what I think is that human beings are normally too well put together to experience such things, but that in those situations in life where the ego is temporarily compromised or even erased (car wrecks, serious trauma, psychopathology, yes, and psychedelics), the real comes “rushing in” because it CAN now. It is not being “blocked” or “filtered out” by the brain and a healthy ego. I am not suggesting that such experiences are pathological, but I am suggesting that pathology is one, of many, ways to catalyze them.”

Guide Communication II

October 25, 2010

I was going to write this as a very technical post about all the different kinds of communication that I and my mother have dealt with over the years, layed out in chronological order. Very tidy, very technical. It would have completely missed the point.

The point is that, I can see and feel a conduit of light over my head. The conduit is a part of me and also of the force it links me to. Through that conduit I can see and feel something that I call the Music from Beyond the World. Rolling waves of translucent light and music that live in the space between all systems of reality and thought. I can hear and feel the music all the time, but I can make the choice to hear it more clearly if I need to or if it needs to tell me something. It speaks to me in words and emotions, pictures and sensations. Quite often I just know, as if I have heard a subtle language of meaning, without words.

In the comments to my last post I referred you to my technical writing and video on communication and muscle testing. All of that is still accurate, but in this post I am going to refer you to another kind of experience. What happened in that parking lot was another kind of communication, and possibly a much better description of how it is usually experienced than anything I could write about muscle testing or the subtle states of the mind. On that day my guides were with me, though they were not the centre of the experience, they wanted me to learn and I did. I lived a set of experiences that altogether changed me and communicated with a depth that no words could have for me in any normal state.

The reason that this post is alive instead of being an operators manual is because my guides took me through an experience. My second paragraph was written almost without thought. The experience just flowed down through my hands, through the keys. It was like being awash in light and something new as well. I felt intense heat and warmth on top of my head, as if fingers of this light were reaching down through me. I could see this light coursing through me, but the warmth was in dollar sized patches on the surface of my head. The physical sensation is the least important thing to me, a side effect of something far more challenging, but I can still be surprised when this becomes so real, beyond the phantoms I could try to pretend weren’t there.

I hope this does justice to the questions and to the reality. I will answer any more specific questions as best I can, but this is the truest way I could answer in the abstract.

Passing Visions

October 20, 2010

“Your present systems of government bear no reality.”

Or at least that is the verbalization of what I was experiencing with the same kind of reality that I would feel gravity, or the presence of my own body. “But they have a military and police. If I don’t pay my taxes they will put me in jail.” I told my guides, not understanding how what I was feeling could be so literally true. They replied “That is force, not truth. It has no bearing on their reality.” I realized then that I was going to lose this direct experience in a few moments. I would no longer be able to feel it like gravity, or my own body. It would be an abstract thing of memory, removed from my present moment. I begged my guides “Please let me keep this. How am I going to explain this to anyone if I can’t feel it anymore?” They didn’t say anything, but radiated the knowledge that everything would be alright. Almost everyone loses these moments, and then they just need to do the best they can with what they have.

Feel So Different

October 14, 2010

It’s difficult not to, but watch what she does with her hands and body.

Edit: I use very similar motions when I am doing intuitive energy work. Sometimes I sing as well.

Care of Jason Louv’s youtube page.

MKULTRA and The Presidential Hearings on Human Radiation Experiments

October 13, 2010

AKA “The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments”

Transcripts, extra content and some context:

Who I Tend To Work With

October 12, 2010

For my purposes in this post, the human species can be largely divided into three groups.

The first group is the largest. These are people that, usually through an unconscious process, have decided that what I do is not going to be part of their life experience. My work is simply not a part of their reality system and they will go through surprisingly large amounts of hardship before ever even allowing me to try helping them. Some of my closest friends fall into this group.

The second group is the second largest. These people desire the idea of what I do, but want it for the wrong reasons. They are usually young, excited, seeking adventure and knew experiences. Simply put, they want fun, in comforting pleasure or the excitement of self destruction. They have never endured the physical hardship or spiritual transformation that compels a person to reach with clarity beyond who and what they have accepted themselves to be.

The third group is the smallest. These are people who are, very simply put, ready to change. Some of them are haggard, some of them are successful by the standards of modern society. All of them have struggled, with life and with themselves for so long that they have finally come to a point of stillness where they are ready to release what is causing them pain. They are not seeking a fun experience, nor are they trying to limit what truth may touch their lives. They are just ready for the pain to stop, and will be lucid to whatever reality is waiting for them.

These three groups are useful fictions, but the story they tell wanders in the right direction. I have worked with all of them, but I have always been most successful with the last, and they are the ones I am really here to help.

The Gulf Disaster Never Ended

October 6, 2010

I Am Wounded

October 6, 2010

Physician, heal thy self.