My Life in Seven Minutes

This is essentially what my life is like, aside from the difficulty with talking to young women. I’m barely joking.

Also see Adventure Time and everything else that Pendleton Ward has ever done.

I think “Hey, any time little guy. Helping little weird things is what it’s all about” Sums it up pretty well.

Note: This post is probably the product of having to deal with a race of non-physical beings sucked into our universe (not from another dimension, but from the non-dimensional space outside our universe) by the machinations of a positive intelligence. I don’t even know why, but the vortex they were entering through was apparently right over my head and they were glomming onto me and unwittingly disrupting my energy pattern because being around me makes them feel good in a cross between watching fireworks and being on MDMA.

For clarity and an extraneous level of detail, I wasn’t aware of most of the above until I spoke to my mother who can surrogate and lend her voice to beings that we need to work with. Sometimes I am aware of that level of detail, sometimes I have no idea what is going on except through her and minor impressions. This was closer to that later. Though actually, we both got a fair number of the details once the we new they were there at all.


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