Identified Aerial Phenomena Over Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Edit: I see that some people have found my site by searching for terms about blue/green streaks over Halifax or or things in the sky. If you saw anything similar to my own accounts, or even just the laser display that I observed later, please comment as to the accuracy and completeness of my descriptions.



Update: Today alone people found my site through these search terms related to my observations. I would say a number of people are seeing similar things.

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2nd Update:

I took a little walk this evening and saw that the Dalhousie laser was on again. I took a detour to look for its exact location. The laser is situation on top of the Kenneth C. Rowe Management building. Two other people happened to be looking for the source of the Laser as well, so we all piled in an elevator to the top floor to look for the source. After wandering into a lab declaring a class IV laser product warning (instant damage to exposed tissue) we found the people running the laser. They told us that it was an air quality monitoring experiment, measuring particulate mattering an vapor. I mentioned the scintillations that I had seem as the laser passed through thin clouds. The young woman answering my questions said she had seen the same thing, but didn’t know what caused them. I would have asked more questions but she was more concerned with carefully removing me from the lab filled with hazardous and expensive equipment before her supervisor returned.

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5 Responses to “Identified Aerial Phenomena Over Halifax, Nova Scotia”

  1. Sara Says:

    Wanted to let you know, Chris, that on the same date as you said you may have discovered an explanation to what you saw, we actually saw the same phenomenon ourselves.

    Very interested to know if you did in fact contact the airport to determine what kind of thing it was, and whether it is possible to create such an effect using a laser.

    Thanks – we feel very alone in this!

  2. wildrote Says:

    Hello Sara,

    Please see my reply to your other comment, but I also wanted address your questions and concerns here.

    I haven’t contacted airport. At this point I would talk to the people using the laser at Dalhousie. I suspect they would know more about potential phenomena that can occur from laser use in an atmosphere. I am rather preoccupied, so I don’t think I will have the time or energy to investigate that avenue any further at the moment.

    Of course I can’t tell you what to feel, but I wouldn’t feel alone. People have been seeing extremely strange things in the sky for thousands of years, and in this particular case I’m sure that hundreds of people have seen the laser that Dalhousie is using. Even if, ultimately, there is another phenomena at work, many people are going to see it. I’ve had many search hits on my blog with terms reminiscent of our descriptions.

    Take care,

  3. Shannon Price Says:

    I just wanted to say that my family and I were walking along south street heading towards Robie when my daughter noticed a green light in the sky. It seems as though it is the same light that you saw last year. Today is August 6, 2011 and we are all very intrigued and courious as to the origin of the light. It seemed as though it was coming from the Quinpool rd direction and cutting across towards the IWK. It looked as though it was higher than the airplane that seemed to pass under it and and even above the clouds. We were told that there was a concert in Dartmouth tonight – which could very well be the source – but I have my doubts. I am curious if anyone else has seen this light again this evening and if they have any information as to what caused it.

  4. joyrivers Says:

    I talked to a friend of mine who is a Captain with Delta airlines. Oddly, pilots are not told about LIDAR; he had no idea that such things existed and, of course, it seems dangerous to me because the lasers could easily distract a pilot and cause problems for airlines in so doing. The light we saw last year was greenish blue and oblong. It did not at all look like a spotlight from a concert. I have no idea why a concert would feature such light, especially if it was near a plane. Just doesn’t seem feasible.

    Not knowing if something is or isn’t the LIDAR laser makes it hard to know for certain what one may be seeing in the sky over Hlifx. I still think about it and wonder what it was we saw, but it did give me quite a funny feeling. My earlier encounters with UFOs were more conventional – small light coming from a larger light and hovering over a field; then zipping away in an instant, as no flying object we know of can do.

  5. Shae Donovan Says:

    I never mentioned this to anyone until now. Me and a friend went on a boat cruise on Halifax harbour around the same date you mentioned July 2010. We seen a green glowing line far, far up in the night sky. It was 2 inches long from our perspective however it would expand every few minutes into a green oval shape then contract back to its original straight line form. It was very weird.

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