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Identified Aerial Phenomena Over Halifax, Nova Scotia

August 19, 2010

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Edit: I see that some people have found my site by searching for terms about blue/green streaks over Halifax or or things in the sky. If you saw anything similar to my own accounts, or even just the laser display that I observed later, please comment as to the accuracy and completeness of my descriptions.



Update: Today alone people found my site through these search terms related to my observations. I would say a number of people are seeing similar things.

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2nd Update:

I took a little walk this evening and saw that the Dalhousie laser was on again. I took a detour to look for its exact location. The laser is situation on top of the Kenneth C. Rowe Management building. Two other people happened to be looking for the source of the Laser as well, so we all piled in an elevator to the top floor to look for the source. After wandering into a lab declaring a class IV laser product warning (instant damage to exposed tissue) we found the people running the laser. They told us that it was an air quality monitoring experiment, measuring particulate mattering an vapor. I mentioned the scintillations that I had seem as the laser passed through thin clouds. The young woman answering my questions said she had seen the same thing, but didn’t know what caused them. I would have asked more questions but she was more concerned with carefully removing me from the lab filled with hazardous and expensive equipment before her supervisor returned.

An Explanation

August 11, 2010

Admitting my heritage has been frightening in a way that I haven’t experienced since I began this blog. I took this course for three reasons, the first is that I was asked/compelled to publish this, as I often am. The second is that it is the truth of my perception, not a belief, creed or culture that I took unto myself unthinkingly. The third is that my experiences have consequence beyond myself and sharing them may bring some relief and practical benefit.

The idea that I contain both human and reptilian DNA is almost entirely based on hundreds of hours of energy work between myself, my mother and the energy healer who helped us for a long time before we could do work on our own. Any other evidence is purely anecdotal and unequal to the magnitude of the claim. My agenda in writing about this is not to prove anything to a wider audience, it is to provide information to a minority for whom this is an inescapable part of life (such as myself), and to a lesser extent to broaden the horizons of those who have already seen that our world is much larger than what pure reason would dictate.

To begin, when I say reptilian I mean intelligent, humanoid beings with a reptile like appearance that exist in an energetic frequency adjacent to our own. They are often referenced in alien abduction testimony, energy or light worker experiences and are notorious in the work of David Icke, among others.

My mother and I stumbled into this because we explored everything we could that might explain our strange physical symptoms and later, our non-physical experiences. It seemed completely unreasonable, but when we asked questions relating to reptilian involvement we got strong muscle testing and shudder reactions. We didn’t know what to think at the time, but it was one of the primary factors that presented itself, along with karma, timeline issues and more defuse negative energetic forces.

When we began looking for and working on the reptilian involvement there were several primary issues. We seemed to have negative attachments and connections to the reptilians that allowed them to find and get at us from a non-physical state. Beyond that I recall several very clear goals they had for us. The first was to repress any natural energetic awareness or ability that we might possess, and to completely remove those capacities if they could. It’s more subtle, but I am sure that they also did everything they could to reinforce our acceptance of consensus reality. They wanted to gut us of anything that would threaten their control. They used us for several more active purposes as well. Draining our energy for their own purposes whenever they can is central. They used us as incubators for embryonic reptilians, as well, which we removed as soon as we could. That was one of the more disturbing things they did, but what they wanted to do was worse. My mother and I are unsuited to this by the nature of our souls, but their crowning goal for a human is to spiritually and energetically hollow them out and link them to a non-physical reptilian who then guides and controls them. The reptilian DNA that they imparted to some of humanity is what allows this to be accomplished with relative ease.

Even after we began dealing with the reptilians, we didn’t know we shared their DNA. That only came out in the process of the work. At first we treated it like a disease that could be cured. To an extent that was important. We were laced with all manner of unpleasant artifices, inherited and implanted within us. After stripping as much of them away as we could, it started to become apparent that the DNA wasn’t something that could just be excised, like a tumor, it was part of us.

I will continue my explanation when I am able.

I Am a Reptilian Genetic Hybrid

August 10, 2010

I’ve known for a long time.

I receive this DNA through both my mother and father and they receive it through their ancestors, back a very long time… to the first mingling of human and reptilian on this planet thousands of years ago.

There are many reptilians living on Earth now in a different vibrational frequency. They have been here for a very long time as well. I am very ashamed of the way that they have acted toward Earth. I think of them as my people, but I am not like them. They have done many things to hurt me and tried to use me in many ways. I have tried to undo the harm they have caused, as much as I can and in all the ways that I know.

It makes me feel better that not all reptilians are like the ones that have tried to live on Earth for so long. Many of the reptilians from other places and times are very nice and helpful to me.

My ancestry is an important part of who I am. I have never written about it because I fear what other people will think of me.

I don’t mind if you don’t think any of this is real. I’m not asking anything of you. I’ve just carried this too long.

I was compelled to start writing this as I listened to an interview that Mike Clelland did with Cynthia Crawford about her experiences. They are both really lovely people and there was something in how she spoke that made me need to do this. I started to cry at one point as I wrote because it was so much relief not carry this inside me any more. The link to their interview is here.

For My Highly Rational Readers

August 9, 2010

There isn’t much in the way of logical discourse that engages me anymore. I Am My Khakis is an exception. It’s really an art blog for logic, social science and discourse.

I’m particularly fond of the author’s entry on Zen.


August 6, 2010

When I say my body is like a house whereupon my consciousness dwells, I do not mean that we should take a wrecking ball to form and flesh, but instead unleash, open the bodily gates of our empathy and compassion to that form which we have said cannot feel.

Cylindrical UFO Over Halifax, Nova Scotia (Possibly Explained as of Aug. 18)

August 2, 2010

Edit: Read my latest post on this topic for a little more information on the Dalhousie laser and other sundries associated with explaining this phenomena.


Possible Explanation: My previously reported UFO sighting has been partially explained this evening, August 18th.

It seems that the UFO was actually a laser projected onto clouds. I didn’t think this was possible and I still don’t know how a laser could have produced everything we saw, but observations I made tonight indicate that an astronomical laser on the Dalhousie University campus could have caused the phenomena that we observed.

While I was walking home along South St., on the South side of the main Dalhousie campus, I noticed their green laser was projecting into the sky. the entire length of the beam was visible as translucent green ray angling into the sky. I’ve seen this laser on a number of occasions and assume that it is used for astronomical or atmospheric research. What I had not seen before was that laser projecting through a thin layer of mist-like cloud. The effect was very similar to the blue streak I reported previously, only green in this case. I continued to observe the laser. every few seconds points and flashes of light would appear within the streak, very much like the “carriage lights” I observed before. The flashes only appeared within the green streak, as opposed to very far behind the blue streak, and I still don’t know how they were caused, but he similarity was undeniable. The green streak was also in relatively the correct position to match what I had seen previous, though its angle seemed different.

The aspects of the laser hypothesis that don’t match are:

1. That the “carriage lights” were very far outside the original blue streak.
2. Both I and my house mate observed a dim silhouette behind the blue streak.
3. Most importantly, there was no visible laser beam when the blue streak was visible, not for the entire time that I observed it did I see any beam of light.

Given these observations, the most reasonable hypothesis that I have is that the laser and atmospheric conditions were interacting on the first night in a way that I do not understand so as to produce the very strange and otherworldly phenomena that we observed.

My feelings about this explanation are mixed. I have to relate it for the sake of accuracy and it seems to be the likely cause, but I still don’t really understand how it could have produced what we saw.

Original Report:

At roughly 4:50AM this morning, August 2nd, I noticed an odd burning smell, as of a lit match, coming through my upstairs bedroom window. I investigated my home to make sure that nothing was actually burning, but couldn’t find any source for the smell. I then went our my front door, onto the street in South end Halifax, to search for the source of such a strong and unusual smell. People occasionally BBQ nearby, but not at 4am. As soon as I was out on the street I saw a strange, electric blue streak of light in the sky. It was stationary and from my perspective, only the length of my thumb nail held up the sky, but it appeared to be at a great altitude and implied a great size. In a moment I saw several blinking carriage lights, as on a jet or blimp. The carriage lights were behind the blue streak, implying an unseen body that was at least as long as the streak itself. The blue streak seemed to be a horizontal light, illuminating the forward section of the object. Moon light occasionally allowed me to faintly make out the full rearward body. It was quite long and thin, more like the fuselage of a jet than the body of a blimp.

I went back inside to retrieve my camera. When I returned the lights and object had not moved perceptibly. I attempted to take several pictures of it, but my camera wasn’t sensitive enough to pick up anything but an entirely black sky. I circled around my house to find the best position for viewing it. My driveway, between my house and the two story apartment building next door, creates an area protected from street lights and other intrusions.

I went back into the house to wake up my house mate. He came outside with me and saw the object just as I had. After conversing with him about what the object might be, I lay down in my drive way and watched the object. I hoped the sunrise would reveal it further, but he opposite proved to be true. As the sun came up the blue forward lights faded and no solid body revealed itself. As it faded I could still see the blinking carriage lights. Eventually, as the sun rose, they stopped as well. I watched the sky for at least ten minutes after the last light I saw and checked several minutes after that to see if it had returned.

Over all, I watched the object almost continuously for over half an hour. During that time it was completely stationary in the sky. While was lying in my driveway I used the roof lines of my home and the apartment building as fixed points to judge by. There was light cloud in the sky, occasionally covering the object. The clouds were noticeably and consistently moving in West to East direction as the object was stationary. During the course of our observation, my house mate and I only observed the object change once. The blue forward light seemed to move or change shape at one point, but it quickly reverted.

I have never seen and am not aware of any craft of that apparent size that can remain perfectly still and silent in a windy sky. I have never seen or heard of any blimps or balloons in the Halifax area, at least outside of certain fairs which are not being held at present.

During my observation of the object I experienced a sense of elation and wonder, but not outside what I would consider to be my usual reaction to such a fascinating event. My house mate’s emotional reaction was concern over what the object might be.

I intend to contact the nearby Halifax Stanfield International Airport when the long weekend has concluded. They will hopefully be able to inform me if there were any aircraft scheduled to be in the area.