The Subtle Conflict of Positive and Negative Intelligences

(Preface: To repeat one of my standing caveats. When I write in declarative voice it is not because I’m certain, and certainly not because of any fundamentalist belief in my own words or experiences. I speak in this way because my experiences present themselves in this way. Treat this as a story, a tool that has been useful because it seems to bear resemblance to the reality of my situation and has allowed me to act in meaningful ways within it.)

Those I am forced into confrontation with most often are the positive and negative intelligences. These are highly adept energy beings that exist at a much higher state within the web of interconnecting and dependent energetic reality systems within which the Earth energy system is just one node or nuclei.

As I have written previously, the negative and positive intelligences reflect a division between predatory (negative) and open-universal (positive) sources of energy. This division actually a spectrum, but for my purposes this is rarely significant and none of these beings has anything more than a tenuous relationship to what we might recognize as morality.

Negative intelligences are dominated by the need to feed from the energies of other beings. They use pain, fear, anger, violence, deception, disease, insanity, and physical and spiritual coercion as tools for generating the energy that they require.

Positive intelligences are dominated by the need to create harmony through any means necessary. Anything else is intolerable to them. They tend to use the trappings of authority and hierarchy more than negative intelligences, but otherwise their repertoire of techniques is remarkably similar, only directed toward the fruition of their plans for the denser manifestations of reality, i.e., the physical, lower energetic world.

Both groups have demonstrated a hatred toward me of such passion and conviction as I have rarely observed, though they are loathed to admit that I cause them any inconvenience. More often each describes me within their own terms, as prey for the negatives and something abhorrent to the positives, a human being whose soul chose to reincarnate for the express purpose of changing the system of incarnation within this reality system and whose soul once, a long ago, produced an emanation which became a positive intelligence itself. You aren’t supposed to come back after something like that.

The negative and positive intelligences are playing many conflicting long games with humanity and the Earth system, as they are with many other reality systems. By long games I imply the form of a chess match, with move and counter-move over long periods of time, all designed to reach largely predetermined goals and agendas. These games and agendas are played out in the physical world through subtle manipulation of people and events, as well as more active conflicts in lower and higher energetic realms. This conflict has been a cold war of subterfuge and manipulation for most of the duration of our present history. This is because neither side was certain they could win in an all out conflict and the costs of that conflict would be unimaginable. Each side sought the means to a definite victory while maintaining their present advantages. In the mean time they both work together to prevent the lower realms from interfering in their plans.

We are approaching a point in the cyclical evolution of this Earth system, and many other reality systems, beyond which neither side can win. The barriers between physical and energetic existence are growing thin. The energies are changing in a way that will not allow this cold war. They feel it, a tug that says “your fight is ending, put away your toys.” (This paragraph came to me as I was writing. The idea bears similarity to other work that my mother and I have undertaken relating to changes in Earth energies, but we have never explicitly been told this before.)

The positive and negative intelligences will not listen to this tugging voice. They will fight and twist the world as long as they are able to.


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One Response to “The Subtle Conflict of Positive and Negative Intelligences”

  1. Quanta Says:

    You posted this just before a close friend of mine chose to cease contact with me, and since reading this I’ve been mulling how to effectively convey the comment I’m attaching. Something about what you’ve said seems related to the struggle within my friend that led to our estrangement….but exactly how I cannot say. Mostly I just need to get the following out in the open; I’ve been carrying around a lot of emotion about what happened and why, and I intuit that once I make this comment post I’ll somehow be relieved of that weight.

    Before I go into that, I must say once again (and if I haven’t said it, I’ve certainly thought it many times) that your style of sharing your experience enables readers to feel at ease with processing your message. I appreciate that you’re neither didactic nor arrogant about what you have to share – which adds so much to your credibility and keeps me coming back. Yes, many of the things you have shared here at Wild Rote may catch some off-guard, but you always give your reader the options of “taking or leaving” what you have to say. Those who receive the message do so voluntarily and through a resonance with your way of expression and/or your experience.

    Now, to go back to what I started with (and to get this off my chest, as it’s been a bit troubling), as mentioned, a dear friend cut me out of her life recently. While I believe her experiences were real – just as I believe your experiences are real, and mine too – the clear expression of those experiences was compromised by a need for my agreement (i.e., she was seeking virtual disciples). I had made it clear for the past two years of our friendship that, while she and I had many shared interests, I was following my own path and that I appreciated that she was following hers. This was fine until I started to buck her insistent arrogance – for instance, as time went on she not only implied but asserted that she was a “more evolved ET” of a “superior race” and that what she was channelling was not only 100% accurate but that since I did not share and/or personally incorporate her increasingly eccentric and convoluted channellings I was of a “dark race” and she could therefore no longer associate with me.

    Sadly, while I believe she had a lot to share and that much of what she shared could be valuable to many people, her wisdom was eventually muddied and, by my estimation, her truth shattered by what is called “mental illness,” which in many cases I think is probably a misnomer, but in the case of my friend I believe is true. I watched over a period of two years as she became more and more egocentric, her messages changing over time, becoming more and more didactic. Ultimately she was flatly unable to accept any disagreement or challenges to her belief system (or, as she would call it, her “knowing”). She was spiralling further and further into a true psychological superiority complex, and this was ultimately what led to the disintegration of our friendship, the ties of which were eventually severed by her.

    I would have loved to intervene, but I simply let her go with a simple “Thank You” for the friendship we had shared for over two years, and nothing more. I couldn’t find anything to do to to help her, my friend who resides in a world of her own, which is the enclosure/bubble of an apparent mental illness which – by virtue of its effects on those whom it ails, disallows intervention (at least by anyone other than a qualified psychotherapist, for instance). Actually I find it hard to believe anyone with a superiority complex would agree to get treatment for an illness they would flatly deny.

    Having shared that experience which has weighed heavily on my mind for so many weeks now, I can go back to praising you for not only having the tenacity to share your experiences, but to do so without any apparent expectation to “convert” others to your way of thinking or experiencing this vast and mysterious cosmos. You simply share the vivid and fantastic truth that resides in your heart and mind (are they one and the same?) – as I do when I share my experiences. I believe we all experience reality in the way that is appropriate to our unique evolutionary process (or “beingness”), and that when we find ourselves sharing such personal and profound experiences that we are doing so as part of our own evolution and perhaps to assist in bringing insight to others. If what we have to say doesn’t resonate with our listener, they can simply turn the page or walk away – no harm done!

    So thank you for allowing me to vent a bit. And thank you even more for continuing to share stories from your reality. I find it all very fascinating.


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