Pathological Pain

I’ve noticed and heard others describe a disturbingly common tendency to pathologically justify extreme violence toward protesters. A “they deserve whatever they get” mentality that in its extreme enjoys watching a police officer beating someone lying on the ground.

I have an over powering feeling that this pathological justification of violence comes from a place which says “I’ve had to work all my life and sit up straight and try to fit into what my family, my social group, my job and my society told me to be. How dare you inconvenience me, threaten me, by stepping outside those bounds.” It is a reaction to pain. To being in pain, while others dance.

I went through these feelings in my own way. I used to be very scientific, and I still have an immense respect for those who truly devote their lives to understanding and plumbing the depth and beauty of the physical universe. However, that way of being conflicted greatly with my awakening experiences of energetic reality, and not just in the purely rational sense. From somewhere within me a voice came, “How dare you follow these touchy-feely, airy-fairy senses when we’ve fought so hard just for the right to teach evolution. How dare you dance in colours and light and beauty while we trudge on and fight for simple facts. How dare you claim power and meaning and sight while we struggle for grants and tenure.”

There is a reason that just making a scene can be illegal in our society.

Sacred clowns, fools, jesters, and scapegoats. Societies need people to fill these roles, and when you step outside the bounds you just volunteered. You become the appropriate expression for what we feel as a society, but are not allowed to say. Protesters, queers, indigenous peoples, you just volunteered and what we have to say is “someone thought it was okay to threaten us to conform, so it’s alright to do it to you.”


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