Stories of the G20 Detainees: Do you need to be told that this is wrong?

Photo taken from the following CBC news story.

The experiences of the G20 detainees are starting to come out:

“Taylor says he was in a 12×20 foot cell, with about 40 men aged 16 to 78. Seven hours into custody, “a shout for water breaks into a little riot, all cells yelling water, shaking the cages, and kicking at the doors.” Nine hours in, he says, his cell got water.

He says they weren’t given toilet paper initially. Later, officers gave prisoners a few sheets, but going to the bathroom was difficult in handcuffs. His girlfriend, Kate, says the girls made human walls when using the bathroom and helped wipe each other” – From Tommy Taylor’s Story.

“He says he was taken to the detention centre, where he was left in plastic handcuffs for 10 hours. He was the first in the cell, by the end of the night there were 25. Bercarich says he received a cup of water after five hours and was given a stale cheese sandwich, that made him vomit. He asked for medical attention but was refused, he says. At one point, an officer upon finishing his apple, threw the core at the cell and people grabbed at it in hunger. He was released by midnight. “Before I left an officer said to me ‘We’ll be watching you all. If you show up ay another protest we will snatch you up.’ That’s still in my head. It’s intimidating,” said Bercarich. No charges were laid and he never got the opportunity to make a phone call.” From Geoffrey Bercarich’s Story

“Around 9 p.m., Berrigan was taken to the detention centre. She would be released 7 p.m. the next day. During that time, she was fed a cheese sandwich and around 5 a.m. she was offered a cup of water. Berrigan says she was fingerprinted, strip searched and placed in small 6×6 footcage with four other girls. She believes someone who had been peppersprayed was there before them, leaving some on the cage, because several of them began noticing burning sensations on their body and face. Later, upon request, she was taken to another cell. At 1:30 p.m., she was taken to court and charged with obstruction and unlawful demonstration.” – From Emily Berrigan’s Story


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