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Canadian Genocide

July 30, 2010

I don’t really have words. Describes violence against the human being, body and spirit.

(Edit: The central figure of this documentary, Kevin Annett, is rather controversial. If you have no interest in listening to him, then I would suggest listing to the others whose stories are recorded here.)

Crop Circles, With a Twist

July 22, 2010

Two recent notes on crop circles.

Stace Tussel of Inter-Intelligence communication has interpreted a recent Russian crop circle in terms of the Norway Spiral.

Lucretia Heart of Towards a New World has addressed a hatchet job article on Yahoo News, supposedly about how crop circles are ALL of human fabrication.

Freeing the Enslaved

July 10, 2010

Quite often my mother and I need to work with small, very naive beings that have been coerced into doing bad things or into working for other beings which do bad things. I say need because the most common thing they are made to do is hurt one or both of us. Our goal is always to free them and send them somewhere, often along with their family and friends, that they can be happy and free without hurting anyone.

This process almost always involves convincing the coerced being to let me try to end the contract it was coerced into. This may be difficult because the being knows it may be punished for trying to escape. These beings are often unable or unwilling to give there direct consent, remaining silent when asked if they will allow themselves to be freed. This silence often means that they will allow you to try to free them, but don’t want to take the blame for trying to escape. When the being has agreed or at least seems willing to allow me to try to free them, I ask the Music from Beyond the World to guide my energies in ending the contract which binds the being. If that is successful, I then ask the Music to guide my energies in ending the  affinities and affiliations that allowed it to be coerced in the first place.

Reminder: Affinities are inborn similarities or connections to whatever force is coercing the individual. Affiliations are often unconscious allegiances to the force coercing the individual. They are most often formed unconsciously through choices and events in our lives, such as the moment we realize that we truly hate another person, or that we would hurt others to satisfy a desire.

At this point the being is now free. Some beings are able to take care of themselves at this point, many are not. Ask if the being would like to be sent beyond the reach of those who threatened and coerced it? Check if it has any family or friends that should be sent with it. After these details have been addressed, I ask the Music to guide my energies in guiding the being and its family/friends to a place of happiness and freedom beyond the reach of those who controlled it. when this is done, check with the being if it needs anything else. Many of these beings have been deprived of some essential energy or need while they were enslaved. This is often not an ordinary need for us, such as food or water. More often it is something like relief, healing, to evolve, having their religion restored to them or healing their connection to the guiding force with their wellbeing at heart. sometimes it’s as simple as helping them have fun. When what they need is identified, I ask the Music to guide my energies in giving whatever it is to them. Repeat this process until they are able to exist in wellness on their own.

One of my favorite moments was when I asked one these little beings if it could see or hear the Music. The essence of the exchange went like this.  Through my mother it said, in a very small voice “No.” So you don’t see anything when I talk to the Music? “No. We think you’re crazy.” It was a very enlightening moment.

Analysis of the Norway Spiral

July 10, 2010

I payed a lot of attention to this event when it happened, but I didn’t post on it. Very recently I introduced Kendra Matheson to this phenomena and she became so interested that she created on her journal a very good introduction to and analysis of what happened:


July 7, 2010

“Then the bees of self pour from the hive-door,
ravenous to enter the sweetness of flowering nettles and thistle.

Next comes the ringing a stone or violin or empty bucket
gives off
the immeasurable’s continuous singing,
before it goes back into story and feeling.” by Jane Hirshfield

Via Thrown Down Flowers

Yeah, that’s actually pretty much how it’s supposed to work.

The Subtle Conflict of Positive and Negative Intelligences

July 6, 2010

(Preface: To repeat one of my standing caveats. When I write in declarative voice it is not because I’m certain, and certainly not because of any fundamentalist belief in my own words or experiences. I speak in this way because my experiences present themselves in this way. Treat this as a story, a tool that has been useful because it seems to bear resemblance to the reality of my situation and has allowed me to act in meaningful ways within it.)

Those I am forced into confrontation with most often are the positive and negative intelligences. These are highly adept energy beings that exist at a much higher state within the web of interconnecting and dependent energetic reality systems within which the Earth energy system is just one node or nuclei.

As I have written previously, the negative and positive intelligences reflect a division between predatory (negative) and open-universal (positive) sources of energy. This division actually a spectrum, but for my purposes this is rarely significant and none of these beings has anything more than a tenuous relationship to what we might recognize as morality.

Negative intelligences are dominated by the need to feed from the energies of other beings. They use pain, fear, anger, violence, deception, disease, insanity, and physical and spiritual coercion as tools for generating the energy that they require.

Positive intelligences are dominated by the need to create harmony through any means necessary. Anything else is intolerable to them. They tend to use the trappings of authority and hierarchy more than negative intelligences, but otherwise their repertoire of techniques is remarkably similar, only directed toward the fruition of their plans for the denser manifestations of reality, i.e., the physical, lower energetic world.

Both groups have demonstrated a hatred toward me of such passion and conviction as I have rarely observed, though they are loathed to admit that I cause them any inconvenience. More often each describes me within their own terms, as prey for the negatives and something abhorrent to the positives, a human being whose soul chose to reincarnate for the express purpose of changing the system of incarnation within this reality system and whose soul once, a long ago, produced an emanation which became a positive intelligence itself. You aren’t supposed to come back after something like that.

The negative and positive intelligences are playing many conflicting long games with humanity and the Earth system, as they are with many other reality systems. By long games I imply the form of a chess match, with move and counter-move over long periods of time, all designed to reach largely predetermined goals and agendas. These games and agendas are played out in the physical world through subtle manipulation of people and events, as well as more active conflicts in lower and higher energetic realms. This conflict has been a cold war of subterfuge and manipulation for most of the duration of our present history. This is because neither side was certain they could win in an all out conflict and the costs of that conflict would be unimaginable. Each side sought the means to a definite victory while maintaining their present advantages. In the mean time they both work together to prevent the lower realms from interfering in their plans.

We are approaching a point in the cyclical evolution of this Earth system, and many other reality systems, beyond which neither side can win. The barriers between physical and energetic existence are growing thin. The energies are changing in a way that will not allow this cold war. They feel it, a tug that says “your fight is ending, put away your toys.” (This paragraph came to me as I was writing. The idea bears similarity to other work that my mother and I have undertaken relating to changes in Earth energies, but we have never explicitly been told this before.)

The positive and negative intelligences will not listen to this tugging voice. They will fight and twist the world as long as they are able to.

Daniel Pinchbeck on the Gulf

July 5, 2010

I agree in potentia with all his points in this article and I highly recommend you lend your attention to it: The Gulf Oil Spill as the Unfolding of Prophecy

This is a direct link to the article on potential tsunamis from seafloor methane explosion in Gulf of Mexico that Pinchbeck cites: Gulf Oil Gusher: Danger of Tsunamis From Methane?

Gulf Oil Spill Orwellianism Becoming Official

July 5, 2010

Who knew CNN had any teeth left. Kendra Matheson, actually, who told me that Anderson Cooper still cared.

Pathological Pain

July 5, 2010

I’ve noticed and heard others describe a disturbingly common tendency to pathologically justify extreme violence toward protesters. A “they deserve whatever they get” mentality that in its extreme enjoys watching a police officer beating someone lying on the ground.

I have an over powering feeling that this pathological justification of violence comes from a place which says “I’ve had to work all my life and sit up straight and try to fit into what my family, my social group, my job and my society told me to be. How dare you inconvenience me, threaten me, by stepping outside those bounds.” It is a reaction to pain. To being in pain, while others dance.

I went through these feelings in my own way. I used to be very scientific, and I still have an immense respect for those who truly devote their lives to understanding and plumbing the depth and beauty of the physical universe. However, that way of being conflicted greatly with my awakening experiences of energetic reality, and not just in the purely rational sense. From somewhere within me a voice came, “How dare you follow these touchy-feely, airy-fairy senses when we’ve fought so hard just for the right to teach evolution. How dare you dance in colours and light and beauty while we trudge on and fight for simple facts. How dare you claim power and meaning and sight while we struggle for grants and tenure.”

There is a reason that just making a scene can be illegal in our society.

Sacred clowns, fools, jesters, and scapegoats. Societies need people to fill these roles, and when you step outside the bounds you just volunteered. You become the appropriate expression for what we feel as a society, but are not allowed to say. Protesters, queers, indigenous peoples, you just volunteered and what we have to say is “someone thought it was okay to threaten us to conform, so it’s alright to do it to you.”

Stories of the G20 Detainees: Do you need to be told that this is wrong?

July 4, 2010

Photo taken from the following CBC news story.

The experiences of the G20 detainees are starting to come out:

“Taylor says he was in a 12×20 foot cell, with about 40 men aged 16 to 78. Seven hours into custody, “a shout for water breaks into a little riot, all cells yelling water, shaking the cages, and kicking at the doors.” Nine hours in, he says, his cell got water.

He says they weren’t given toilet paper initially. Later, officers gave prisoners a few sheets, but going to the bathroom was difficult in handcuffs. His girlfriend, Kate, says the girls made human walls when using the bathroom and helped wipe each other” – From Tommy Taylor’s Story.

“He says he was taken to the detention centre, where he was left in plastic handcuffs for 10 hours. He was the first in the cell, by the end of the night there were 25. Bercarich says he received a cup of water after five hours and was given a stale cheese sandwich, that made him vomit. He asked for medical attention but was refused, he says. At one point, an officer upon finishing his apple, threw the core at the cell and people grabbed at it in hunger. He was released by midnight. “Before I left an officer said to me ‘We’ll be watching you all. If you show up ay another protest we will snatch you up.’ That’s still in my head. It’s intimidating,” said Bercarich. No charges were laid and he never got the opportunity to make a phone call.” From Geoffrey Bercarich’s Story

“Around 9 p.m., Berrigan was taken to the detention centre. She would be released 7 p.m. the next day. During that time, she was fed a cheese sandwich and around 5 a.m. she was offered a cup of water. Berrigan says she was fingerprinted, strip searched and placed in small 6×6 footcage with four other girls. She believes someone who had been peppersprayed was there before them, leaving some on the cage, because several of them began noticing burning sensations on their body and face. Later, upon request, she was taken to another cell. At 1:30 p.m., she was taken to court and charged with obstruction and unlawful demonstration.” – From Emily Berrigan’s Story