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June 19, 2010

I wish to be unseen as the the true shape of clouds and the sepia jungles of lichen, only known by the very young and the very strange.


The Debate, The Healing

June 15, 2010

I sometimes feel an image rising within me of a public debate on the kind of work that I do.

My opening statement is: “You win.”

There is evidence and there are arguments made, but they’re for someone else to make. I have none. I cannot force a single person to see what I see.

My second statement would be: “Will you come sit with me?”

I am defined by the format and I will not fight, or stand opposed behind a podium.

Come and sit with me. I’ll sing and touch your hand, then your chest, then your head. I’ll open the flowers in your mind, if you won’t bite. Even if you will. Argue against that, the wind through my throat like wind in the trees full of birds. I don’t mind, my face contorting, feeling what you will not feel that lives within you.

Release it, please. You don’t need a show, of forces between us, just let it go.

“He is a Mystic”

June 14, 2010

Stolen from one of Border Zone author Arsen Darnay’s recent posts comparing the Tao with Sufism:

“The Sufi is an individual who believes that by practicing alternate detachment and identification with life, he becomes free. He is a mystic because he believes that he can become attuned to the purpose of all life. He is a practical man because he believes that this process must take place within normal society.” – The Sufis, by Idries Shah

I doubt I qualify as a practical man, but I will draw a comparison to my post on Karma:

“In other words, to manifest your karma so you can clear it, you have to engage in systems which, on at least some level, have the potential to generate more karma. Once manifest, the karma can be addressed. This tends to create cycles in which a person will increasingly become engrossed by one of these human journeys and their karma associated with it until a critical point is reached, conscious recognition of the karmic patterns occurs and the person begins the process of ending the karma. Sometime after the karma is ended, the person will begin another cycle, possibly even with the same aspect of the human journey, but with all new karma or a deeper layer of the same karma.”

In other, much more succinct and mellifluous words, “…by practicing alternate detachment and identification with life, we become free.”

How I Write

June 12, 2010

Originally I tried to plan what I would write about in logical order. That didn’t work.

I know when I need to write and I know what I need to write. I know it because it wells up from within me or is shown to me by forces beyond myself. Only a few of the writings on this blog come purely from my personality or thoughts moment to moment.

I took down one of my recent posts. I did that because the post came from a different place inside of me. It came from a deep pain, anger and helplessness that I experience because of the form that human society on Earth has taken for the past little while.

I don’t know how to fix the world. I hope that what I’m doing helps, but I don’t know if it will change things.

To the Universe I beg, let me do no harm through my words or actions.

“To Myself”

June 9, 2010

While I’m still on the subject of poems, one of my clients recently felt compelled to send me one. It seemed tremendously fitting. Thank you.

To Myself

Even when I forget you

I go on looking for you

I believe I would know you

I keep remembering you

Sometimes long ago but then

other times I am sure you

were here a moment before

and the air is still alive

around where you were and I

think then I can recognize

you who are always the same

who pretend to be time but

you are not time and who speak

the words but you are not

what they say you who are not

lost when I do not find you

– W.S. Merwin