“Altered States and Shamanic Initiation”

Stace Tussel has a new post up at Inter-intelligence Communications. She’s finally done a real post about several experiences she’s been teasing me with since we started communicating over a year ago.

“Another extraordinary ASC echoing shamanic initiation occurred during another “vivid dream” when I was a small girl, perhaps 7 or 8 years old. While “asleep” or at least visiting another dimension, I had an extremely vivid vision of being inside a huge, transparent, crystalline structure – a cathedral of sorts — realising that someone I loved deeply had died. For awhile I was totally inconsolable, but gradually my altered state began to fade away with a rush of waking tears, leaving me with indelible images: The towering quartz crystals! The overwhelming sorrow! Waking, weeping, in my mother’s arms…!” – Stace Tussel, Altered States and Shamanic Initiation

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