Physical Work Status

I woke up a little before 2:30am today. After attending to my bladder and brushing my teeth I almost immediately feel something begin to work on my neck. I can feel small internal pressures and tensions building up, holding and being released as the micro-adjustments are made. I need to strongly resist the urge to stretch, “crack,” or twist my neck in an attempt to help the adjustments move more quickly. My tendons and muscles are still raw from previous work. If I allow these impulses to consciously expedite the process any more at this time I will slowly damage myself.

These adjustments will probably continue for several hours, possibly as long as I am awake. They will shift between my neck, spine, skull (rear, sides and within my forehead), ear (predominantly right), jaw (extending through my neck/skull and down into my right shoulder (occasionally left), lungs, heart and chest cavity. Occasionally a series of adjustments will culminate in a pulsing sensation which extends briefly over the surface of my body, predominantly felt in the head, neck, shoulders chest and limbs (including the legs).

Loose focus is required for adjustments to be optimized. Too tight a focus, such as during intense social interaction, will block the shifts, causing tension to build up to uncomfortable levels. Too loose a focus and I will not respond with the micro-movements necessary to complete a shift.

The work continues, very slowly.


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