Ask the Mountain if You are Alone

The article Spirits Among Us from Reality Sandwich is a much more straight forward vision of what I was trying to convey in my post Not Alone.

The article follows the thoughts and experiences of a woman who is being guided in a tradition of contact between humans and the spirits of this Earth, or as I would call them, beings of the local energetic.

“If you want to know that a mountain is alive, just ask it” – Stella Osorojos

It might answer if you know how to ask it with respect.

If there was one gift I could give to human beings it would be the experience of knowing the other vital, intelligent beings that inhabit this world. I cannot think of any other knowing which would begin to change us so much. I am eternally sorrowful that we would also misuse this knowing because it has been hidden from our sight for so long. We would fear them and try to trap them in a bottles like jinn, or worse, actively try to kill them.


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