“Alters” and Fractured Personalities

Because of Anya Briggs’ recent posts on Aaron McCollum (starting here) I checked out several interviews that he has done. Most of the material that he talks about is well outside my area of experience, to the point that there’s no real point in my commenting on it. The exception to this is a section in an interview he did for a radio program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYNOOPMpH2o

Edit(16/10/2010): There are many others, such as Duncan O’Finiaon, who talk about being intentionally fractured into many alternate personalities. See my recent post “MKULTRA and The Presidential Hearings on Human Radiation Experiments” for another example.

In part 3 of the interview McCollum talks about multiple personalities, or “alters”, being artificially induced through emotional and physical trauma. Speaking from my own family history (thankfully long in the past) I can say that the phenomena he describes is real. When a human being is placed under extreme stress, to the point that their current personality is incapable of existing with its circumstances, a completely new and distinct personality can emerge. This is most commonly associated with cases where children are sexually abused, often by a parent or care taker. The new personality emerges while the abuse is taking place and submerges after the fact. The older personality is often left without conscious memory of what took place while it was submerged. Later in life the new personality may manifest under other circumstances.

The phenomena of “alters” has a much more common, but less obvious, cousin, fractured personalities. Essentially, in many traumatic events, a small component of a person’s being fractures from the whole because it cannot consciously exist with what happened. The fractured personality may shut down and go to sleep for many years. It may remain conscious, but in an altered state, unaware of the life of the primary personality. It may even remain conscious and involved with the life of the primary personality, but as a distinct being, only able to influence the course events indirectly by affecting the primary personality.

My mother and I have done a great deal of work related to reintegrating fractured personalities, or in some rare cases, freeing them from the original personality. Her ability to surrogate for other beings and allow them to communicate through her has made the reality of fractured personalities and so many other aspects of non-physical reality undeniable for me.

Fractured personalities are very similar to lost soul fragments and are created by similar conditions. They are largely the same phenomena, but occur on different levels of reality, the psychological/energy body level versus the soul level. There are slightly different techniques for dealing with each, but a treatment for one will often help with the other.

Another very similar variety of personality fragmentation derives from reincarnation and past life issues. If the personality that develops within an individual life diverges too greatly from the totality of its soul, that personality will not be able join with its soul after the death of its physical body. Any number of things may happen to the personality at that point, ranging from hibernation until it can be reintegrated, to wandering the Earth as a “spirit” or “ghost,” or even being trapped within the body of successive incarnations, but unable to fully manifest except through subtle influences. My mother and I have personally encountered all of these. An author who is even further out of the ordinary than Aaron McCollum, but whose experiences are very reminiscent of our own is Denise Le Fay. Between pages 178 and 183 of her book “A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution,” she describes similar process to what we have experienced. You can read that section of her book as pages 18 to 23 of a PDF excerpt here.


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