Not Alone

I am not saying this because I have reasoned and thought my way to these conclusions. I am saying this because I have been shown and brought to them. Take them for what you will.

We are not alone. We have never been alone. Not once.

All I can give you is this picture, because every word I say takes me further from what I need to give you.

A young man sits in the dim light of a small clay room. There is low, flickering light before his crossed legs. Its shadows roam across the smooth walls, allowing them to dissolve into a larger space. A small ring of objects, a shell, a stone, a flute, rest around him, but these to fall away. All that remains is an easy light that has no source. There are others here. They sit around him as he sits around them. A circle with no centre. Their forms are many, but this does not matter. “Brothers and sisters, I am here.”

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