Stepping Out of the Way

One of the harder things I am asked to do is to step out of the way. By this I mean to get my conscious mind and ego out of the way of the Music and the other beings and forces that are trying to help me. I’ve practiced a similar technique for many years as part of my shamanic and healing work, where it is essential to accurately hear non-physical beings and sense the condition of those you are working with. In that state you are clear and open, but keenly aware, directing your openness to your guides and those you are working with. However, there is a more pervasive and complete variety of this state, one which I have often experienced in my life and am experiencing again now with a much greater intensity. This is a completely unfocused state in which large amounts of information and energy can be imparted without the filter of my conscious mind. I only become aware of the content of this information and energy much later when it rises into conscious awareness, manifesting as inner knowing, knew kinds of energy medicine and perception, or occasionally as things I say or do that didn’t previously exist in my awareness before hand.

The hard part of this process is remaining in the unfocused state which allows access beyond conscious awareness, or I should say, remaining in the unfocused state for the long periods of time that are asked of me. Concurrently, entering and leaving this state of consciousness is not like flipping a switch. Remaining unfocused for long periods of time will have cumulative impact on my consciousness, meaning that it will take an amount of time and rest for me to return to the state in which I am best able to deal with physical life. Being unaware of the content that is being transfered also makes it psychologically more difficult to justify the time invested over the short term, particularly when it is more advantageous and effective to distract the surface consciousness than to have it engage in a meditative state where it might interfere with the transfer. The subjective experience is of being spacey, unfocused, possibly having a headache (depending on the intensity of the information and energy and your ability to absorb it) and needing to be distracted. The differentiating factor between this state and merely having those subjective symptoms, at least for me, is that when I do momentarily focus on what I am receiving, tears often come to my eyes, as if I have just experienced something of great intensity, and yet I have no outer or inner form to ascribe to it. I cannot focus on it for more than moment and trying to do so would be actively detrimental to me and the signal.

I am not unique in having this variety of experience. Many others describe receiving downloads, though the subjective experience and symptoms are different for each person and change over time. The most common mode of download I have read about in others is through their dreams or while they are sleeping. I do not experience this, I suspect because that avenue is blocked for me at the moment, another result being my sense of extreme unreality and entrapment in my dreams. One factor that is more limited to me is that the open and unfocused state will often further the physical adjustments that I am experiencing, though there are actually several different states of consciousness in which different kinds of physical work take place.


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