The following is the result of a written exchange between myself and an acquaintance to whom I was guided to convey a perception. In reading something that she wrote I gained the perception of a hand of darkness reaching through higher dimensional reality and into her mind. There it twists the strands of light that comprise her thoughts, emotions and energy in a way that I did not perceive as being in her best interest. After conveying this perception she asked many questions which I numbered and answered individually. Numbered sections in quotes are her questions while each following section in plain text is my response. By way of clarification, the reference to “dionysian chaos” in her first comment is drawn from her writings which initiated my perception.

Edit: A further note, as always, when I slip into a declarative voice this indicates the declarative way in which the information is perceived on my part. It does not indicate a blind surety in the accuracy of my statements, though the great majority have been born out to one extent or another by my continued experience.


1. “Well, I don’t think one can quite identify ‘dionysian chaos’ exclusively with ‘darkness’. As I hinted at above, it’s certainly a double-edged sword, like most things.”

That my perception occurred while reading your description does not imply that I was perceiving your own perception, nor does it imply an ideological stance toward all dionysian or chaotic tendencies. It merely implies that the words formed a connection or gateway to some underlying reality that *may* have very little to do with your personal subjective experience. Nor does my perception have to be perfectly accurate.

2. “I also feel that whatever has recently contributed to my perpetual anxiety and unease has to be of my own making.”

I was of the very strong feeling that all of our emotions and internal struggles originated from within our selves, and thus must be addressed there. I still *am* to a great extent. I just became aware that emotion was an energy that transcends physical conditions and that it may come both from within and without. It has taken me years of contemplation, meditation and learning to discern the difference between my own emotions, feelings and thoughts, and those that may be imposed upon me. Much of your feelings probably do come from within yourself, even if they may be enhanced or augmented externally.

3. “It’s interesting that you can “see” something that pertains to the spiritual/conscious state of a person you’ve never come into the remotest physical contact with (or at least whose ‘presence’ you have to reduce to a series of written passages). Is this uncommon?”

This is common. Space is not the limiting factor. Connection is the limiting factor. We are connected a little by our shared words and pictures, as well as the intellectual and emotional content behind them. Physical connection can be much more intuitive, but is not necessary.

4. “What do you believe to constitute “dark” forces, in general? Where do they originate (I presume we concur in ultimately attributing them to mortal vice and its associated energies? Or do you actually believe in some personified evil?) Aren’t such forces as likely to have originated with their ‘target’ as they are to be ‘external’?”

Your view is too small. There is no distinction between the “evil” of human beings and the evil of forces that you would consider to be supernatural. Evil is just a form, as are all definitions of good and evil. To ask about its source is just to ask about the source of form. I do not generally deal with the term evil because it usually doesn’t help me in my work. I deal with specific cases that are often intimately complex. I do use the terms negative and positive, but they do not mean good and evil. They are a spectrum from complete separation from the unity of all being, to complete unity with being. Separation requires that one feed on the energy of others. Unity is to take your energy from all being.

There is often a reciprocity, in that if a person is suffering from the interference of negative forces that there is some aspect of their being that must be healed. Rarely there is some form of poetic justice, but most of the time there is merely the torment of a person that does not know how to heal.

5. “Likely following from your answer to the above question, how can external forces influence the consciousness of another, are these ‘forces’ usually acquainted with their ‘targets’ through some other means/what makes one make one particularly vulnerable to such influence (and can one make oneself immune to it), what motives might external forces possess in exercising this influence? ”

Read “The Big Picture” in the introductory section if you have not already. We are all systems of energy, relatively relating to one another by the state of that energy. Most of the forces I deal with are of a very different kind of energy than our physical bodies. Even so, the energy they are composed of relates to ours enough that they can interact. The ways that they can interact are governed by both naturalistic principles and bureaucratic rules which are maintained and enforced by other beings of a non-physical energy state.

A human being’s vulnerability to influence is governed by a very large number of factors that can interact in non-intuitive ways. These include, but are not limited to: Emotional intelligence, sensitivity and awareness, Analytical intelligence and self awareness, energetic/qi sensitivity, physical health and well being, psychological health and well being, soul/pre-life agreements and contracts, past life issues including karma, unresolved timelines, contracts and affiliations/affinities with harmful energetic intelligences and forces.

Motives for influencing a human being’s behavior include: Food(energy, emotional and otherwise), job (contracted to do, or make something happen) and fun, or some combination of the three. It’s just amusing to mess with beings which are largely unaware of your presence, particularly if you’ve never been incarnate and don’t understand pain.

6. “I seldom meet people of faith whom I don’t find it impossible to engage in thorough, analytic conversations with (regarding that faith), so I apologize if I end up questioning you for those legions of people I couldn’t. I live in a staunchly atheistic world, which frequently aggravates me, but I can’t say I’ve ever found the other side to be more agreeable (however innocuous it seems in theory).”

I am not particularly a person of faith. Everything I have written about is either derived from my personal experiences or something that I have reasonably drawn from the works of others. Almost everything in this post is just my personal experience. Neither do I identify as a theist. At least no more than a Daoist monk might, for example. I deal with a specific set of knowledge and experience that changes and grows as more becomes apparent.


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