Meditation for Raising the Dimensional Frequency of Energy

There is a single point of light in the void. It draws itself out into a into a brilliant line. This line begins to spin, faster and faster. Eventually the line spins so quickly that it looks like a circle, its ends describing the circumference. The circle begins to spin. Its edges describe the surface of a sphere. Soon the circle appears to be a sphere. Now the sphere does something that you can’t quite see with just your eyes. It pulses, both in and out, into many spheres, spinning into a higher dimension where each sphere is connected like folded taffy and the inside of a mitochondrion.

This picture is helpful, but not perfect. All of the spheres are really connected and only have one continuous internal space, but you can’t see that in 3D.

I see this set of visuals in my mind all the time. They also happen to be a meditation for raising the dimensional frequency of energy. Technically the visualizations go from zero dimensional to fourth dimensional, but that’s only to give your systems the right idea so they can handle the heavy lifting for you. You can go much further than zero to four if you allow your intuitive systems to take over, but the visualizations help to begin the process.


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2 Responses to “Meditation for Raising the Dimensional Frequency of Energy”

  1. Quanta Says:

    Verrrrry, verrry nice. Thank you.

    This meditation is rewarding audibly, visually, and imaginarily.


  2. wildrote Says:

    You’re very welcome,

    You just reminded me I wanted to comment on that very elegant Bigfoot, UFOs and birds post you did a little while back.

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