Physical Work

Six months ago, near the beginning of July, I asked to open and align myself with what I now refer to as the Music from Beyond the World. Since that time I have been undergoing nearly continuous alteration to my physical systems. I’ve talked about this before in terms of the work that was being done on my ears, neck and throat. This work as progressed to include my spine, ribs, lungs, stomach and I suspect my heart. This work will occur whenever I clear my thoughts and allow the energy to flow. Waves of energy and muscle contraction will pass through my body in ways that I could not consciously control if I wished to. The waves of muscle contraction include my sinuses and eustachian tubes, as well as other muscle systems that I have very little or no conscious control over. I suspect my cranio-sacral tissue and mesenteries are included in these contractions. I will also be guided to move my skeletal muscles in very finely tuned and controlled ways. The rapid neck movements are an example I have described previously. The guided movements have taken on many other forms that I have not talked about, such as almost dance-like movements which adjust my spine and stomach. More recently my arms will be guided in motions that I can only describe as waving or spiraling. The arm motions stress or work on joints and tendons that see very little action, so I reach my limit relatively quickly.

The process of physical adjustment has been maddeningly slow for me. I have gotten into trouble several times by allowing too much work to be done too quickly. There have been very few external physical changes to mark my progress. Only a slight increase in the symmetry of my face.

The most noticeable changes have been internal. My throat muscles have shifted so that I can produce tones I was never able to reach before. Along with this change I have been guided to use these tones in my healing work with other people. I have seen and heard other healers use sound and tones, but I have no training and would never have tried to copy what I have heard others do. I just started doing this over the course of several weeks. There was no decision or intent. Another internal change is to the structure of my neck muscles and bones. I can literally shake my head and body like a dog drying itself. Before I began this process I would have strained something immediately if I tried that.

I do not know what the ultimate result of this process will be. I know that I am being cleared of that which limits the flow of energy in my body and that the work I am doing will allow me to transmit energy, and the energy of the music in particular, more clearly, but beyond that I do not know.

One of the reasons my rate of posting has decreased here is that it is very difficult, and not always helpful to others, for me to write about the physical process. It’s long term and very repetitive, much like an exercise regime.

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