Kèlè Mandi

I’ve listened to this about fifty times today. It is probably more spiritually and energetically significant than anything I usually say.

Rokia Traore is Malian and Wikipedia says she’s a member of a noble family who are discouraged from singing outside of their function in traditional society. This is very similar to what I read about Mamani Keita who I have posted about before. I will quote the relevant section of that post here.

“No, that’s OK! Things are different now. Singing’s considered to be a profession. But when I was a kid I got a few beatings from my mother because she really didn’t want me to sing, even though her own mother had. I was brought up by my grandmother. I’m like her namesake and the Good Lord saw fit to give me her voice. My grandmother used to sing for people who were possessed. Her singing would help cure them of their troubles. In Bamako, she used to go round all the different neighbourhoods seeing people and I accompanied her wherever she went. I remember one day when I was a kid I was drawing water from the well and I started singing. My grandmother turned round and said ‘You’re going to have great adventures in life!’ She could see the destiny that lay before me even back then.” – Mamani Keita


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