Light and Water

I was feeling very claustrophobic being trapped in one body and one shape today. Drawing this other meaning over my skin helped. Looking at it calms me.

The picture reminds me of some oceanic creature of light, floating in a great abyss. Feels like home.

Edit: I would never, under any circumstances experiment with or devise drawn forms infused with magickal or sacred intent. I only did so in this case because it was very clearly given to me to do this in particular. This will most likely seem like a minor or inconsequential point. It is not. Aside from the inherent dangers involved in any reality altering technique, I’m just not supposed to use ritual magick, sigils or drawn forms, with some very minor exceptions. I suspect this is because I have misused those techniques in past lives. It would go very badly for me if I tried to use them casually.


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3 Responses to “Light and Water”

  1. Quanta Says:

    Quite lovely, agreed. Light, water, radiance, resonance….

    Thank you for sharing this beauty, and for the wisdom in your words.

  2. saradode Says:

    But they are beautiful…They remind me of some of the Hopi/Anasazi petroglyphs I saw in Arizona (and elsewhere).


  3. wildrote Says:

    Thank you both.

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