“Message Simple…”

“Message simple…be love.”

I very much wish my message was as simple and elegant and ultimately as true as that.


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3 Responses to ““Message Simple…””

  1. saradode Says:

    Hi, Chris,

    If that’s what you sincerely wish it to be, then that’s what it is. 🙂 You put it here, so it’s yours, too.


  2. wildrote Says:

    I’m just saying my writing tends to be more along the lines of “here’s how to stop the inter-dimensional space weevils from laying eggs in your brain.”

    I was going to write a disclaimer stating that the above was a self deprecating poke at my own material, but then I realized that I’ve actually done an amount of work relating to mantid insectiles laying eggs in human energy fields before. I’ve surpassed my own powers of satire.

    • saradode Says:

      I would say that instruction on the prevention of the laying of eggs in one’s brain by inter-dimensional space weevils is pretty damned important! I myself would prefer not to have that happen. But maybe that’s just me… 🙂


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