Higher Dimensional Structures/Entities and The Drawer of Abomination

I almost didn’t make my last post here because, aside from the beautiful poetry it seemed vague and melodramatic. These are two qualities I take great effort to avoid in my writing, so it was odd for me to feel so drawn to them. I asked my guides and they said I should post it, so I did. Only later did I understand that the act of writing had provided the seed for the crystallization of a perception that I had been having. The purpose of writing had been to tune my perceptions.

After writing about Wilderness Gothic I continued to have the sense of impending horror, or more clearly, something obscene, an abomination. These are not words or sensations common in my vocabulary. I found myself watching clips from Cronenberg’s “The Fly.” In these situations it becomes fairly obvious that something is impinging on my awareness, and particularly that if it isn’t immediately obvious to me then it is probably a very big or very personal problem and I will need help. I called up my mother.

It becomes apparent that we are dealing with a higher dimensional structure designed to resonantly attract/induce abomination in those dimensional regions that it penetrates. We dubbed this structure The Drawer of Abomination. It was not intelligent or living, but did actively alter the realities that it touched, but like wind can whistle and make music in the arches and fold of a building. My mother was put into contact with beings from four parallel dimensions roughly corresponding to the four-plus-Earth dimensions that my soul’s energy bodies are incarnated within at present (see The Anatomy of Plural Identity). Some of those beings were used as anchors by the Drawer and needed to be freed. Beings in those dimensions also had what my mother and I call affiliations and affinities to certain negative intelligences that would prevent the drawer from being removed from their dimensions. Affiliations are links that we make to forces outside our dimension. They usually form when a beings consciously or unconsciously enters into some kind of cliche devil’s bargain, often after being hurt and seeking revenge, or just for the sake of power. There doesn’t need to be a ritual. An affiliation is often formed in the secret private moment when you realize you’d do anything to hurt someone. What the being wants is almost never delivered unless it serves the negative intelligence’s purpose, but the link remains through life times. Affinities are similar to affiliations, but distinct in that there is no event that triggered them. Affinities are simply part of a being’s present structure that naturally links them to an extra dimensional force. Affinities and affiliations can be to positives forces as well as negative ones, thus, after ending the negative we ask that The Music from Beyond the World guide our energies in creating the optimal positive affiliations for the beings that we are working with.

We were also put into communication with beings that guarded The Drawer of Abomination. It is quite often that negative intelligences will coerce beings to work for them through contracts, affiliations, affinities or by holding such instruments of control over the family of the beings in question. The beings often think that they cannot be released and that attempting to be freed will lead to their punishment. In this particular case we found that the guards of the Drawer for these five dimensions were actually aspects of our family’s beings from previous lives, each with a different task in relation to the drawer. We went back in time and freed each from its bonds after helping it to come to terms with its role in creating and maintaining the Drawer.

When all bonds holding the Drawer to these five dimensions had been ended, we flushed it from them, flowing energy from the axon-like structure which bonded each dimension to the others and all of them to a greater network of dimensions.

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