Video of Guided Intuitive Energy Work

The purchase of a new laptop has allowed me to record videos. This one is an example of guided intuitive energy work, which is a large part of what I practice. I am working more or less on myself in this case. There is no rote plan that I am following. This is a process of sensation and guided reaction. I am experiencing fields of colored light, pressure, and more complicated dimensions of meaning that are representative of my own being and its coexistence with other beings. The process is generally one of smoothing out, straightening, unwinding and releasing.

The motion of my head is the physical manifestation of my process of attunement with the Music from Beyond the World. Though it appears strenuous I have never hurt myself while allowing it to occur.

Intuitive energy work becomes much more when two or more people actively take part in the process. It becomes energetic communication, the opening, potentially, of the heart, mind, body and soul to one another. Most people are too locked into one thing or another to experience this, whether that is left brain rational thought, their physical existence or a defensive response designed to keep others at a distance.


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3 Responses to “Video of Guided Intuitive Energy Work”

  1. nagash Says:

    that looks a LOT like what many Africans descendants do here in Brazil, in religious rites of Candomblé, Umbamda, Kimbanda and sorts… they use a lot of drumming and gather around fire, and sometimes also drinking pinga (very strong alcoohol beverage).

    most people fear these rituals, most because of sacrifice (most black chicken) involved, but I know of people that had taken part and, as you know as well, it works.

  2. wildrote Says:

    Fascinating. I have come to expect counterparts in other cultures to almost everything that I do or experience.

    I don’t recall where I read it, but there was a Mi’kmaq (first nations Nova Scotian) medicine man who once said “there’s no shaman without the shake.”

  3. nagash Says:

    nice saying.
    the funny thing is that at first glimpse I’ve read “there’s no shaman without the snake” and the phrase make absolute sense both ways

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