Ways I Was Given

Over the last three months my energetic perceptions have shifted. This roughly coincides with and seems to be due to my work with the Music from Beyond the World. Most of this is still in flux, but there are several definite changes in how I work with people.

My mind’s-eye perception of auras and energetic colors has receded somewhat. It’s still there if needed, but it doesn’t leap out at me like it did around this time last year. Additionally I don’t feel as blind when my energetic sight isn’t clear. It used to be terrible for me when I couldn’t see. I have a more continuous feeling of being present in the energy of what is happening around me. I know what is happening without needing to give it a visualization.

I’ve also been very clearly given two ways to work with others that were only made known to me recently. When I look into someones face now it’s like their life is talking to me. They are telling me exactly what they need and showing me the burdens that they bear. The voice gives me even more, not by what it says, but with its strain and timbre. It’s like everyone is constantly broadcasting who they are. It’s a lot less flashy than auras, but it seems to be working very well.

My experience is still very visually active, but I tend to see much more specifically what needs to be worked on or addressed. There is much less of a conceit that what I see has anything to do with physical reality most of the time, unless it actually does.


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2 Responses to “Ways I Was Given”

  1. saradode Says:

    Funny–I was just thinking recently (actually, I think about it a lot!) about how intense the “visuals” were when it all started a few years ago. When I think about it now, it’s like a dream; it’s hard for me to believe that I saw some of the things I saw, and yet I know that I did (some of it was terrifying, but most of it was unspeakably beautiful). The thing is, I still, like you, “see” the things that most people apparently don’t see any time I choose to look–colors, lights, beautiful faces, flashing eyes everywhere–but now I do have to take the time to stop and look, whereas before it was unavoidable.

    I miss it sometimes, even though I know that having that absolutely open vision with no filters can really make apparent some scary things. But I’ve also realized that the visuals are kind of icing on the cake–a nice side-effect, but the things I was shown were shown to me for a reason, and now that I’ve learned what’s “there”, the priorities are more subtle, and more important–as is your ability to really sense what’s going on with someone without the need for all the extra stuff–you know it’s there anyway!

    Thanks for this,


  2. wildrote Says:

    You really said it, Nancy. That’s exactly what it feels like.

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