Mac Tonnies in Memoriam

Mac Tonnies defines a period in my life. I was just starting to come into an understanding of my own experience. I was finding all these blogs and websites by crazy, beautiful people and his was first among them. I heard Alan Watts for the first time through his blog, learned about Jacques Valle, and found so many other people who are having a liminal experience right now.

I once wrote “I often feel that Mac is akin to a science fictional monk, wandering the edges of an epistemic breach. He sends us back postcards of the serene, prophetic and catastrophic. He’s also pretty funny.” That still feels right to me.

Mac helped me define myself, and now, to my great regret, for me he’ll always define this time and place in my life.

I could go on and on, but what I need to say is thanks, from me and for all the lives you touched.


Mac Tonnies was in his own words “a Kansas City, Missouri-based author, blogger, Fortean researcher, and occasional speaker.”

He wrote prolifically at his blog Posthuman Blues, authored two books, Illumined Black and After the Martian Apocalypse, and contributed his essay “The Ancients are Watching” to the anthology Darklore Volume 2. The manuscript for his new book “The Cryptoterrestrials: Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us” was scheduled to be finished by November. Hopefully it will still go to print.

Further writings and biographical information can be found on Mac’s website:


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