Tribal “Stages” of Consciousness

Speaker describes five stages of tribal consciousness. A tribe, in this context, is the group of anywhere from 20 to about 150 people that represents any one human beings community that they interact with regularly. The tribe is a more complicated concept than that, but work from that.

The five stages described line up very well with the first five chakras and the states of consciousness that they represent.

Previously, I’ve referred to the fifth chakra state of consciousness as the political state of consciousness. I doubt that many others think of it in that way. It is more often thought of as the centre of true personal and cultural identity, as opposed to the transitory personal and culture identities that we may receive in the second chakra state of consciousness. I choose to think of the fifth chakra state of consciousness as the political state of consciousness because that it the state from which political situations and decisions can best be addressed. Your true identity is present (true values and ideals in the context of this video) yet you have transcended the state where you are holding yourself to be truly separate from the world and the other perspectives that live within it.

My only point of difference worth noting is that to me, looking at these kinds of consciousness as a linear progrssion is a mistake.

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2 Responses to “Tribal “Stages” of Consciousness”

  1. Sean Blackwell Says:

    Compared to Wilber, this guy is a TOTAL lightweight. He´s talking the evolution of consciousness (ie:Spiral Dynamics) and, apparently he has no idea that he´s doing it. Plus, he left out the first two levels of consciousness, the second being the magical or TRIBAL level!!!!!

    You might like my videos on consciousness and bípolar disorder. I am pasting the first one here.

    Sean Blackwell
    YouTube channel bipolarORwakingUP

  2. wildrote Says:

    Hello Sean,

    I’m quite familiar with and fond of a number of your videos. I’d like to thank you actually. A close friend of mine found them very helpful. I intend to link to them at some point when I post on bi-polar’s relationship to states of consciousness.

    One of the admittedly unstated reasons that I found the video I posted here so interesting was that it seemed to represent a subtle infiltration into academic and business cultures of a concept of stages of consciousness and their application. I would have been less inclined to post should it have mentioned chakras or Spiral Dynamics. Even so, I have my doubts that this is purely an example of parallel evolution in theories. I haven’t done the necessary research to make a meaningful statement, but I think it is quite possible that Logan is intentionally omitting much of his inspiration and source material. He is speaking to a primarily academic audience and explaining magical states of consciousness would close a number of minds to his other ideas.

    I would agree that Logan’s model doesn’t line up well with Ken Wilber’s. It does, however, line up with the 7 chakra model that I’ve found to be far more common. I prefer the 7 chakra model because it more closely matches my experiences, it makes more sense to me personally and because it seems to me to have a wider acceptance among the energy healers that I’ve worked with.

    Thank you for posting,

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