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Stepping Out

September 22, 2009

When I became consciously aware of the non-physical layers of my reality it took my life, as I imagined it, apart. It was slow, a controlled demolition, but demolition none the less.

I’ve talked to a few people who wonder why they aren’t progressing as quickly as they would like to on their path of evolution. These are usually caring, family-life individuals. They either have kids or a 9 to 5 job. In other words, if their lives got taken apart, there would be serious damage to them and others.

Over the last two months the Music from Beyond the World has been physically and energetically realigning me. This began as a clicking in my right ear and has progressed into an alternating set of adjustments that include my neck, left ear, plates of my skull, jaw and face. Sometimes, such as over the last week, I can spend entire days just focused on allowing these adjustments to take place. On an energetic level the process is like removing defects from a crystal. It will allow me to transmit and receive energy and information more clearly, as well as process it without interference. I’ve done work like this many, many times before. Every time it’s like getting taken apart. What you thought you were is being washed away, but every time you realize that you’re still here, your consciousness. Your awareness never ends.

For better or worse, most people aren’t ready to step out of the lives they have made for themselves. When you ask to step out of your old world, be ready step out of your old life. If you can’t do that, you have more important things to work on first.

This post is the corollary of “The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are.”

I Didn’t Just Want a Lesser Evil

September 19, 2009

Go read Jason Louv’s concise post on US President Obama’s attempt to create a new Habeas Corpus-free zone in Afghanistan and extend the Patriot Act: Obama Rightsfail Roundup

Like, seriously?


Is anybody paying attention?

Is anybody steering?

Is anybody home?

Oh wait… I think Kanye just did something funny!
– Jason Louv

Incidentally, this also means that Jason Louv is posting regularly at, along with a cabal of other insightful and storied writers.

PS, to explain the title, I’m a Canadian/US citizen and I voted for Obama.

Tiger and Me

September 18, 2009

Late fall of last year I was pacing around my house. This is a common activity for me when I am energetically shifting or out of balance, or just addressing an inward issue. I was trying to heal wounds in my energy body that were allowing small negative entities to bother me. After working through several different approaches without success, I was very much feeling like I needed help. This is also common. What isn’t common is that I realized an unusual being was observing me. It was unusual in that it wasn’t trying to hide its presence and it was an actual being with consciousness and a high level of complexity. It had an orange, third chakra energy and the body form that it retained from whatever incarnate existence it knew was quadrupedal and about one third my size. This being conveyed to me that it wanted to access my energy systems. I’m very careful about who I allow into my being. I examined its energy and intentions and asked by guides at the time if I should allow it into my being. Everything came back positive and I had a good feeling toward this being. A little tentatively I spoke and gave it access to my energy systems. I saw and felt it enter through my fourth chakra and begin to move around inside my bodies. I had the impression that it was chasing down small dark entities and chewing them up. Its presence also felt good, like it was supporting and protecting my wounds as they healed. As it worked I talked to this being and asked it questions. I asked if it, actually he, had a name. I think because of his orange energy the word tiger came into my mind and he liked it and said I should use that.

Tiger stayed with me for about a day. If I recall correctly I went to sleep with him there and when I woke up he was gone. After that he would show up every couple of days or I would call for help and he’d come, which ever came first. After about a week it came up with my mother that I was being visited. It was only then that it came out. I asked “Is Tiger actually Radar?” Her reaction was a yes. Radar was my dog who had died a month before this began. My mother and I were both in a very odd state after that, or at least I was. We had worked with excarnate souls and those who had just died, but we’d never had an experience where the soul actively interacted with incarnate beings over a prolonged period. More than that, I was just emotionally absorbing the experience of having an on going relationship with the spirit of my dog, one that I hadn’t known about till that moment. It was such a combination of joy and sadness. Every experience I’d had with Tiger took on new meaning and I felt myself shift at an emotional level. I had experienced that there was no real death, or end to the being by this point, but never so emotionally. I could feel my fear lifting away in a strange, even more terrifying way. I ask you if you would release your fear of loosing your loved ones for the knowledge that not even death will separate you. The fear makes you feel closer and safer when you have. If you let it go you have no idea what might happen.

My relationship with Tiger continued in a similar way for several months after this. We moved past just working and protecting me. Around this time I was called several times by my guides to journey for a specific purposes and Tiger became a part of this. Being called to journey for a purpose outside myself isn’t unusual, but the clarity of the requests and guided nature of the “missions” in this period was very unusual. The most memorable of these events began on an afternoon just after I woke up from a nap. I was strangely well rested and felt amazingly clear. I became aware that Tiger was entering my space and wanted my attention. I focused on him and he conveyed that we were going to be doing something together. Through the infinite openness of higher dimensional space he lead me to a lighted pillar with a doorway into its centre. We were going to be traveling a very long way in physical terms and this energy system appearing as pillar of light would allow us to do this safely. I balked at the idea of physical distance being dangerous or an impediment, but he made it clear that it was a necessary part of the journey. We entered the pillar of light and felt it flooding with energy. We stretched out across what felt like a tremendous distance, leaving any perception of the pillar behind. It was replaced by stars and deep space. In the middle of our perception was a rocky asteroid. Over its surface, and through its interior, I could see veins, like fungal hyphae. Size was impossible to judge and from experience I know that my sensory experience was a representation that allowed me to complete my task, not a physical reality. Along with these sensations I could feel Tiger’s presence. We were perfectly aware of each other, but I couldn’t see him. I became aware that I was being asked by an outside force to do something in relation the fugal forms living on this asteroid. I was going to carry a message and an energy that was very needed. The sense of ancient presence and compassion from the force that was telling me this was palpable. It was intimately familiar with the burdens that it was now asking others to take on. I moved in closer to the asteroid, to find the one I was there to guide. Being in a higher dimension, I could see completely through the asteroid and the fungal mass. I could see that on a cellular level there were individuals completely enmeshed together, yet they were mentally and genetically distinct. I was drawn to the one I was here for. He was an inventor, if that term can be applied to a being so different. I could feel the energy of the ancient force washing through me and I reached out to this fungal being. The light connected to him and I could see it pouring in. It was the old vision, love is the highest and there is no death. “We love you very much, and we’re sorry that we have to ask you to do something so hard.” I was given an information packet for him, a rote of how to change the way their society functions at a biochemical level. The change would open their society, allow them to experience other worlds. I knew that he would probably be killed for this, for all the usual reasons. I transmitted the information to him and guided his energies in understanding it. I’m still sorry I had to ask him to do something so hard, though I know why it happens this way. Tiger and I pulled back from the asteroid. Space jumps backward, there’s a flash and Tiger and I are walking out of the pillar of light. I can still see stars through the far side.

Tiger is Radar’s energy body. After death, the energy body either begins the process of reincarnation or to reintegrate with the soul. Tiger did the later. Over the months I saw him merge with his soul. As this happened our relationship changed. I had changed so much from knowing him in this way. I wasn’t afraid of loosing him anymore and he had done what he could for me. He began to move on to soul based experiences outside physical reality. This is where he still is, exploring and creating in higher dimensions. I still feel him, and see him occasionally, but he’s in his own realm of experience now. Until we meet again for the first time.

Sense Ratios and Communication

September 17, 2009

Subjectively, about three fifths of what I experience is energetic reality, not physical. Quite often my energetic experience has nothing to do with my physical experience. They are divorced much of the time. My energetic experience at any given time can range from calm, open and untuned, to clearly focused on a highly complex scene that has nothing to do with my 3D physical situation. This can be difficult for others to understand. There is an innate desire to relate one experience to the other, but in my case this is usually counter productive. I’m usually seeing what is most important for me to see at any given moment. What is most important for me to see rarely has to do with my physical life, except in very superficial sense.

People are the primary area where energetic reality and physical reality come together for me. I can feel the energy of the Earth and sky and plants and so on, but it’s usually much less intense than that of humans beings. The energies of other people can be quite difficult for me to deal with. They can be overwhelming and I pick up on the negative more than the positive. Even positive energies can be uncomfortable and overwhelming because most humans never learn to control or direct the mental/emotional/physical energies they are radiating at all times. Beyond this, many parts of our selves act independently of ordinary conscious control, such as the energy body, archetypes, ego states, inner self, higher self and the soul. Quite often these parts of our selves are trying to manipulate and coerce us and those around us. This can also be highly uncomfrotable for me, particularly if the person’s conscious self isn’t involved in the manipulation at all. Being in a room with another person can be like being in a room with at least three or four people, all with different goals and agendas, no regard for personal boundaries and rarely any desire to communicate with each other. There’s no easy way to bring that up.

It bothers me a great deal that I can’t communicate with other humans energetically. Surface thoughts, the constant chatter of a mind not aware of its own working and nature, is a simplistic, error prone and deceptive way to communicate. Unfortunately that is the place from which most human communication seems to derive. More than that, surface thoughts are like blaring white noise. They blot out subtle communication. Over the last year I’ve learned to allow what I say to rise from within me with a minimum of surface thought. This is not automatic speech. I am simply allowing space within myself for my genuine perception to crystallize. Once the perception becomes clear the words come easily. Nothing more needs to be said. Saying anything more would hide genuine experience.

When space is allowed, true communication can occur. True communication isn’t a surface thought. It is what is felt and experienced. This is why most humans would rather die than have a genuine experience of communication with those around them. We live in fear of others.

Energetic communication isn’t anymore thought than kissing someone is the thought of kissing them.

Post-debate State of Consciousness

September 13, 2009

Arsen Darnay has a fascinating new post on The Primacy of Intuition on his blog, Borderzone.

This then leads to my premise today: Higher knowledge requires a faculty that transcends reasoning. Reason cannot give us answers to why questions. To the extent that it does, it relies upon the quiet collusion of our intuitive faculty. We have to grant standing or status to certain abstractions—such as they cannot obtain from demonstration or from logical reasoning. We do so, when we do, because we find the abstractions “intuitively true.” This in turn means that higher truth cannot be imposed; logical demonstration can never force us—as physical demonstration can. More importantly, the knowledge obtained will depend on the development of the intuitive power within us. It cannot be acquired by the usual brute means of hard work, memorization, and exercise—as reasoning can be.

For these reasons debate on religious or spiritual subjects has no merit whatsoever. The higher life is a realm of freedom. The compulsions present there must always come from within. – Arsen Darnay

“Nothing but a Breath”

September 12, 2009

This is from the film version of the play “Wit,” staring Emma Thompson. Edit (17/10/2010): this video is not as good as the one I previously linked to. It omits a section at the end of the scene where Emma Thomson’s character juxtaposes her inability to find the link between what she sees as wit and living metaphysical truth with the fact that she does not go out, but returns to the library.

Al Purdy “On Being Human”

September 12, 2009

This is terribly beautiful to me, and says something very important about being human over the last little while on Earth and, more broadly, on being alive.

Gordon Pinsent is an iconic Canadian actor and was amazing in this whole series. I highly recommend It.

Why It’s Hard

September 12, 2009

Months ago, in my post Initiation, I said there was a reason that I had to fight for the knowledge, abilities and connections that I know have and that I’d get around to explaining it eventually. Tonight is eventually.

There are a lot of reasons that I’ve had a hard time. That I came here to do hard things is certainly one of them, but there are two basic reasons that I’ve had to fight for perception and understanding. The first is that I, along with several other souls in my node, intentionally took on negative associations and burdens before we incarnated. These burdens would give us the right to heal their cause in the world, should we develop the ability to do so. Think of it as the higher-dimensional (and often literal) equivalent of incarnating into a family with a bad history so you have the right to heal that history. We were very careful in taking on these burdens, measuring them against our capacity to hold them versus our capacities to retain and manifest our soul identities. Energies, positive and negative, were hard won and carefully balanced so that we could do our work without succumbing to it. Unfortunately there is the second reason. We were betrayed. We expected the support of many positive beings of the Earth energy system. What’s more we didn’t expect that they would actively interfere with us and our work. When we incarnated, the energies that we had carefully balanced were over-whelmed by positive beings and intelligences that had decided that it would be highly inconvenient if we attained awareness of our selves and purpose.

The idea of positive and negative is very simplistic. I generally use it to draw a dichotomy between that which predominantly feeds from and controls those that are held to be separate from the self (negative) and that which predominantly manifests from all being and does not seek control (positive). There is really an infinite, multi-dimensional spectrum, but negative and positive are a useful shorthand.

The beings and intelligences that betrayed us were more connected to all being than to predation and control, but still couldn’t deal with the massive changes to the rules that govern the Earth energy system that I and the node of souls I incarnated with wanted to allow into being. So they jammed our systems and called in negative entities and intelligences to distract and hold us back. Every piece of karma and every old timeline was dragged up and thrown back at us. Even false ones generated if we’d dealt with all the real ones that had come to the surface at the time.

I’ve since learned that many souls incarnate as part of a broad plan managed by one or more positive being or intelligences. They get support and guidance within the plan and they have a soul agreement to follow it. This is not what my node choose to do. We came to allow the greatest spiritual/energetic freedom and true self knowledge, without restriction or ideology. There were not many within the Earth system that liked that idea.

It took me a long time to get to a level of ability and acuity of perception that we could deal with the positive interference that we had not planned for. I’m still dealing with it.

I don’t think about what happened in terms of persecution. We just tried to do something they weren’t ready for. I do have an amount of disdain for the blustering, indignant “Follow the Rules!” mentality I get off a lot of the Earth system energy beings who have a problem with me. I have a history as a spiritual trickster with that kind of hierarchy based being, but mostly I just wish they would leave me alone so I could continue to allow space for broader and deeper kinds of consciousness to come into our world.

Parallel Dimensions and Dark Matter

September 6, 2009

I know how fuzzy much of popular science treatments can be, particularly with very complicated abstract work, but this talk by Michio Kaku is too good to pass up.

Via Posthuman Blues

Neck Adjustment

September 6, 2009

Over the past few days the Music from Beyond the World has shifted from adjustments in my ears, throat and skills bones to my neck muscles. When I allow the Music to guide the process, my head will rock up and down, sometimes slowly, but usually increasing to a rapid, almost spasm like speed. At the same time the fine control of the force results in muscles being adjusted and loosened. Even if I could consciously produce a similar motion of my head, I’m sure I would hurt my neck almost immediately, but I can allow these motions to progress for hours with fatigue and very short lived soreness as the only negative results. The only negative is that the motion does tire me after a prolonged period and it does make it hard to work on other things while I allow it to happen.