Bad Answers

A large part of my work that I haven’t talked about is “what do you do when you know you’re getting bad answers?” By “bad answers” I mean when you’re trying to talk to your guides, or however you perceive broader realities (visions, dreams, intuition, ritual magic, energy work, shamanism, etc.), and you know you’re not getting the truth because of deception or other factors. This is another area that I’ve avoided because it gets complicated very, very quickly.

The essential point I’m going to make is “don’t wait until you’ve run into the rocks to find out if the map is wrong.” Test everything by questioning and logical and intuitive examination. I’m just going to give you some tools and concepts that will help you do that more effectively and mellow the learning curve.

The first concept to work with is the “information fault.” An information fault is just like a fracture in a crystal that hides a view plane. These faults are just the energetic version. They can actually take many forms, but the general concept that the fault is a definite energy system that is obscuring information from you is enough for now.

Lets say the situation is that I want to ask my guides about a problem that someone else is having. First I will ask them if there are any information faults on the specific topic I want to know about. Being more specific when you define your topic can help, but it is easy to accidentally exclude important aspects if you get too specific. If your guides say that there are information faults on this topic just ask them to clear those faults now. When that is done ask if any faults remain. If the answer if yes, then there are two possibilities: 1. there were information faults hiding other information faults and you need to repeat, or loop, the process of clearing them until there are no more, or 2. there is a problem, such as, but not limited to timelines, karma or negative entities, that are creating the fault and will not allow it to be cleared until the problem is resolved. Make sure you ask very clearly what is causing the problem in clearing the information faults. I’ve described how to deal with timelines and karma in my previous post “To Heal the Past and Guard the future:1.” I’ll give a very condensed outline for how to deal with entities here.

If the cause of the information faults is a negative entity, begin by asking that it be restrained or taken into custody by your guides, if possible. If this is successful that may be the end of treatment, but you must then determine why the entity was present and assure that it cannot return. It may not be possible to restrain or take the entity into custody, but if successful, beginning in this way can short circuit any attempts by the entity to interfere with you and those around you. Continue by trying to determine what holds the entity to the individual or the problem itself. Clearing information faults periodically as you work may be necessary as the entity will be attempting to interfere as you go. When you have found and resolved the problem that holds the entity in place or allows it to remain, proceed to have you guides remove the entity and take it into custody. When this is done ask that the location where the entity resided be cleansed and that all changes it made be reversed. Then ask that all damage the entity caused to the individual or energetic structures where it resided be healed. It may also be necessary to ask that any protective energy field that may be present be repaired to prevent the entity’s return.

What I’ve just described is the essential basis of the procedural method for dealing with information faults that my mother devised from her reading and working with energy healers, and that I later helped with. This method extends far beyond what I’ve described here, including a host of more specific terms for kinds of information fault and entities and the methods for dealing with them. She has a profound understanding of this system and an intuition for its use.

Occasionally deceptions have so many layers or are being so actively guarded that the procedural method is not effective. This is particularly the case if you are dealing with entities that have a very strong grip on the situation, such as when the entity exists in both the person giving and receiving treatment. When the procedural method fails you it comes down to the clarity of your method of subtle perception and your ability to channel light energy/connect with positive beings that can help you. This is much more the area that I have developed in.


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    I love your path.

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