Listen to the Rhythm

This is a joke, thus making it the perfect example. Don’t pay attention to the topic. Listen to the rhythm of the words. Anyone who uses that rhythm, sincere or not, (probably) doesn’t have your best interest at heart. The message doesn’t matter.

Care of Posthuman Blues


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2 Responses to “Listen to the Rhythm”

  1. nagash Says:

    it better be a joke, cuz that’s the most dumb thing ever…
    the rhythm reminds me of conspiration/religious propaganda

  2. wildrote Says:

    I should actually say I’m not sure the creator thought it was a joke, but I certainly do.

    My point was aside from the content because I’m quite sure many people look at my blog and think exactly the same thing with an equal level of certainty based on the lived experience of their lives up till that point.

    Listening to the rhythm of it, however, reveals that there are many people held to be quite sane and worthy of respect, from many quarters, political, religious, scientific, spiritual and popular, that sound exactly the same. That they may or may not be giving you content that you agree with is beside the point that I am making. That rhythm of words is a manipulative rhetorical tool, no matter how it is used or by whom.

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