Systems Thinking, Souls and Health Care

Jamais Cascio has linked to and written about two articles on the US “health-care debate.” The quotes illustrate the lack evidence that what is occurring is actually debate, or that it has anything to do with providing effective health care to the citizens of that nation. Jamais has also written about this issue in terms of his own medical needs and self employed (read: no benefits) existence.

The first article is by design guru and author Adam Greenfield. It takes a systems thinking approach to examining what is actually happening in this “debate,” as opposed to what is being said. At the same time it deals with the spirit of the situation very well. Find it at Speedbird.

The second is by the renowned SF author Charles Stross and takes a more humanistic approach to the topic, reducing it to the essence that is the absence of mercy in the political body and soul of America today. It can be found on Charlie’s Diary.

All three articles are worth your time and consideration.


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