Feel the Earth, Drink the Sky

I’ve been going through shifts and inner work again, as if I ever really stopped. Working with a very skilled medicine woman has intensified and added to the shifts that the Music from Beyond the World was guiding for me.

To get out of my head and release the energy that builds up there I’ve started lying down on my back porch, which is just large enough for my back, leaving my legs trailing down the steps. It’s quiet. There’s my backyard and a little tree that’s growing out of my foundation right next to me. My patch of green in the city. The Green and the Earth help. I can stare into the Sky. I can feel my crown chakra drinking its energy, like a clear lake hanging over my head.

I touch the Green. The energy of the little tree, the collective plant energy. I know and feel the love and support coming from the level on which the little tree is part of a conscious being. It’s bitter sweet. I know that if I don’t cut down the little tree, the foundation will split. It’s caught between the porch and the house, so I can’t transplant it. I ask the Music if the little tree would mind being cut down, with a tinge of guilt. I’m using my fingers to ask, and the answer is very clear. My fingers twist as they pull apart, causing my thumb to dig into my middle finger hard enough to sting and leave a mark. “That’s as much as it would hurt” is the message. I know that the Green experiences the world differently than I do, and that this tree is only a small part of it, but I still haven’t brought myself to where I can end this expression its existence.


One Response to “Feel the Earth, Drink the Sky”

  1. Quanta Says:

    Fascinating, this drawing me in. To the porch, and just the right space to fit your back; to the sky swirling into your head.

    There’s no need to end it. Just keep going…

    Great writing and beautiful message, Chris.

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