“A Gospel of Sorts”

I’ve just added Open Your Eyes and Love Them: A Gospel of Sorts to my blogroll.

It’s really a tremendously interesting and beautiful journey that I’ve only just started to take in. It’s essentially a woman’s journal of becoming aware of subtle realities, first within the long abandoned roots of her Catholic upbringing, then extending out into a direct experience of her understanding of god and the life of Yeshua, that transcends denomination, religion, language and, ultimately, time and space.

If anyone’s wondering, the only religious indoctrination that I’ve received in my life was when my father told me that when he was growing up as a Christian Scientist he was told that “God is love.”

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One Response to ““A Gospel of Sorts””

  1. saradode Says:

    Your father was right! It’s really all anyone needs to understand…

    Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. I’ll do the same with yours (and also take more of a look at it…anything with Burroughs as one of the tags has got to be worth reading!).


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