To Heal the Past and Guard the Future: 2

Human societies in general don’t seem to me to have a great record of actively and consciously creating their own futures. Two particularly dominating influences on how the future has been grown/made/designed/happened seem to be the paradigms of tradition and progress. I’m using tradition as a blanket term for steering by looking in the rear view mirror. I’m using progress as a blanket term for viewing the future as a linear journey toward a shining, homogeneous pinnacle, technological or otherwise. Tradition says the past was better. Progress says the future is better.

Step out of time: There is no past. There is no future. All these things exist together. There is change, but no end toward which it always will, or should, move. There are choices, limited and defined by a context, but free within it.

If you’re more comfortable hearing that the future has gone out of fashion, among other things, in terms of high-technology and speculative fiction (and you can get the video to load and play correctly) take it from Futurist and SF author Bruce Sterling, via Jamais Cascio’s site, Open the Future:

My point is that life is a choice. If you don’t make it, actively and with awareness, someone else will make it for you. One of the reasons I’m here is to make this clear.

I deal with the energies of potential futures less often than those of the past. I perceive that this is primarily because there are many more potential futures than there are versions of the past that we are connected to. Another reason is that there are very few future events which would be in wellness for me to manipulate. Meddling in the choices of others is not why I am here.

My perception of the future is that of a probability-scape, that is, a landscape describing the probability that this present moment will manifest any given future out of an infinite potential range of futures. The probability-scape appears to me as a system of clouds of light, varying densities and forms. Greater densities represent higher probabilities of that future being the one that our consciousnesses will enter. These futures are not distinct, but continua.

My description is complicated by my perception that all these potential futures exist simultaneously, as well as all potential futures from the beginning of linear time. What defines our future is which of these paths our consciousnesses have and will follow. Going any deeper into how it works gets even more complicated, so I’ll focus on how to work with probability-scapes, not on fully understanding what they represent.

In essence, the probability-scape represents the “context” of choices that I mentioned previously. I will not argue about free will. This is just what I perceive. The easiest things to manipulate through alteration of probability-scapes are outcomes based on high complexity situations, interactions and random chance. As with almost all energy techniques, this works by resonance. This means that the more influencing variables there are, and the easier it is to shift each of those variables by chance, the more influence the resonance has. If you know how and have the energy to do so, you can alter probability-scapes. My advice is “don’t,” and for exactly the same reasons that I ask people not to use sympathetic magic lightly. They tend to manipulate and close of, rather than inform and open up, and have unpredictable consequences. The caveat to this advice is that if you feel you have to use these techniques, create an open future, for your choices and those of others. I never try to manipulate scapes with my own energies. I always ask for an a positive force without a sense of self or ego, such as the universal healing energy to do the optimization. In this way individual interest is removed from the picture.


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