Non-verbal Communication and Learning

Via Mac Tonnies’ Posthuman Blues.

This is utterly amazing if you’ve ever had the struggle of trying to get any number of people to quickly understand a concept and work together to manifest it.

This video also relates to a future post I hope to make. The means of communication demonstrated here has three properties which make it of great interest to me. The first is emergence. The audience didn’t need to be shown more than two positions and tones to understand the relationship to a potentially infinite series on either side of the original two. The second is that the medium of communication and action are one and the same. There is a single “language” which is both the means of communicating an action and of carrying it out. The third is that the system for understanding and using this kind of communication is latent within the majority of human beings. I would wager that most of the audience doesn’t know what the pentatonic scale is, yet they were able use it almost perfectly without previous conceptual understanding.

All three of these qualities are present in non-verbal energetic communication and energy work itself. The only major difference is that energy work takes place in a highly multi-dimensional space and relies even more on systems that almost all of us have but are even less aware of.


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