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Bad Answers

August 30, 2009

A large part of my work that I haven’t talked about is “what do you do when you know you’re getting bad answers?” By “bad answers” I mean when you’re trying to talk to your guides, or however you perceive broader realities (visions, dreams, intuition, ritual magic, energy work, shamanism, etc.), and you know you’re not getting the truth because of deception or other factors. This is another area that I’ve avoided because it gets complicated very, very quickly.

The essential point I’m going to make is “don’t wait until you’ve run into the rocks to find out if the map is wrong.” Test everything by questioning and logical and intuitive examination. I’m just going to give you some tools and concepts that will help you do that more effectively and mellow the learning curve.

The first concept to work with is the “information fault.” An information fault is just like a fracture in a crystal that hides a view plane. These faults are just the energetic version. They can actually take many forms, but the general concept that the fault is a definite energy system that is obscuring information from you is enough for now.

Lets say the situation is that I want to ask my guides about a problem that someone else is having. First I will ask them if there are any information faults on the specific topic I want to know about. Being more specific when you define your topic can help, but it is easy to accidentally exclude important aspects if you get too specific. If your guides say that there are information faults on this topic just ask them to clear those faults now. When that is done ask if any faults remain. If the answer if yes, then there are two possibilities: 1. there were information faults hiding other information faults and you need to repeat, or loop, the process of clearing them until there are no more, or 2. there is a problem, such as, but not limited to timelines, karma or negative entities, that are creating the fault and will not allow it to be cleared until the problem is resolved. Make sure you ask very clearly what is causing the problem in clearing the information faults. I’ve described how to deal with timelines and karma in my previous post “To Heal the Past and Guard the future:1.” I’ll give a very condensed outline for how to deal with entities here.

If the cause of the information faults is a negative entity, begin by asking that it be restrained or taken into custody by your guides, if possible. If this is successful that may be the end of treatment, but you must then determine why the entity was present and assure that it cannot return. It may not be possible to restrain or take the entity into custody, but if successful, beginning in this way can short circuit any attempts by the entity to interfere with you and those around you. Continue by trying to determine what holds the entity to the individual or the problem itself. Clearing information faults periodically as you work may be necessary as the entity will be attempting to interfere as you go. When you have found and resolved the problem that holds the entity in place or allows it to remain, proceed to have you guides remove the entity and take it into custody. When this is done ask that the location where the entity resided be cleansed and that all changes it made be reversed. Then ask that all damage the entity caused to the individual or energetic structures where it resided be healed. It may also be necessary to ask that any protective energy field that may be present be repaired to prevent the entity’s return.

What I’ve just described is the essential basis of the procedural method for dealing with information faults that my mother devised from her reading and working with energy healers, and that I later helped with. This method extends far beyond what I’ve described here, including a host of more specific terms for kinds of information fault and entities and the methods for dealing with them. She has a profound understanding of this system and an intuition for its use.

Occasionally deceptions have so many layers or are being so actively guarded that the procedural method is not effective. This is particularly the case if you are dealing with entities that have a very strong grip on the situation, such as when the entity exists in both the person giving and receiving treatment. When the procedural method fails you it comes down to the clarity of your method of subtle perception and your ability to channel light energy/connect with positive beings that can help you. This is much more the area that I have developed in.

Listen to the Rhythm

August 30, 2009

This is a joke, thus making it the perfect example. Don’t pay attention to the topic. Listen to the rhythm of the words. Anyone who uses that rhythm, sincere or not, (probably) doesn’t have your best interest at heart. The message doesn’t matter.

Care of Posthuman Blues

Systems Thinking, Souls and Health Care

August 28, 2009

Jamais Cascio has linked to and written about two articles on the US “health-care debate.” The quotes illustrate the lack evidence that what is occurring is actually debate, or that it has anything to do with providing effective health care to the citizens of that nation. Jamais has also written about this issue in terms of his own medical needs and self employed (read: no benefits) existence.

The first article is by design guru and author Adam Greenfield. It takes a systems thinking approach to examining what is actually happening in this “debate,” as opposed to what is being said. At the same time it deals with the spirit of the situation very well. Find it at Speedbird.

The second is by the renowned SF author Charles Stross and takes a more humanistic approach to the topic, reducing it to the essence that is the absence of mercy in the political body and soul of America today. It can be found on Charlie’s Diary.

All three articles are worth your time and consideration.


August 28, 2009

I went on two long trips recently, the first to Quebec, which I’ll talk about soon, then another, much longer one. I’ll be talking about the second one here.

First I’m going to be very straight with you, as Alan Watts might put it, and tell you how this started. It would be very easy to ignore the real beginning because it doesn’t fit with most preconceived ideas of how something serious should transpire. I found myself watching NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind, the gorgeous animated film by Hayao Miyazaki. It’s breath taking and makes the ecology of its world a central part of the plot, which strikes a deep chord with me. The heroin is a personification of fierce love for all life and the capacity to envision a better world when she is being told on all sides that it is impossible. As I watched I felt that something was holding me back. Some part of me couldn’t accept seeing a world where some of my deepest desires were playing out and succeeding. There is usually a rational part of me that guards against absorbing simplistic interpretations of reality, but that wasn’t what I was feeling. Some part of me could accept that the future could really be made a place worth living in by choice and effort, as opposed to some revolutionary technology that would let humans be exactly as they are now, but without destroying the world in the process. To summarize, I couldn’t accept that humans themselves could change.

Nausicaa was a beautiful film to the last frame and touched on many topics that reminded me of the past life issues I’ve helped people deal with. I was still thinking about what had been holding me back during the film when I became aware that a being wanted to talk to me. I allowed it and saw it was presenting itself as a non-corporeal being associated with the wind and sky. I asked the Music and verified that it was presenting itself truly, more or less. I tried communicating verbally at first because I was tired, but just realized it would be faster to use non-verbal. It sent me a rote/data-package on what it wanted me to do. It involved entering a design into a matrix that governs what forms can enter the human consciousness as it develops. I examined it for a minute or two. It seemed to have to do with kinds of energy derived from the wind and more spiritual/energetic relationships to that idea. I asked the Music and verified that entering this design into the matrix would be optimal. Only incarnate humans can change that particular matrix, so the being couldn’t do this for itself. That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. There are loopholes, like what this being asked me to do. It was fairly easy to enter the design into the matrix and carry forward the energetic alterations to their furthest extent. After that there were energies in the Earth that needed to be flowed out and transformed. The sensation of these energies was similar to the block I had experienced during the film, essentially “No. Things don’t get to be okay now. To much has been done to me. There must be pain.” I allowed this energy to flow out and be healed and transformed into positive energy that would help shift the course of history on Earth.

I thought I had finished what needed to be done at this point, but I had a residual pain on the top right side of my head. It felt like there was a seem in my skull running front to back and that someone was pushing on it. After trying to understand and heal that to little result, I called my mother so she could help me get clearer answers from our guides. The power of minds genuinely working in unison increases logarithmically in an energetic sense. Very quickly we realized this wasn’t going to be an average session. She become extremely fatigued the moment we began to work, so much that we had difficulty communicating at times. after explaining what each of us had been working on up until I called, and then poking around for a few minutes, I started to very clearly perceive that there was an entity that was messing with us. Eventually I discerned that this entity had been bound by a human being a very long time ago to attack a particular kind of DNA that runs in my family. This was done out of anger, but for understandable reasons. I’m not ready to talk about the specifics yet, but in general terms we restored that DNA to its original function. After restoring the DNA my mother immediately started to experience the fear that the entity was now having. It was very afraid because with the restored DNA we look very much like spirits that existed a very long time ago that it would never want to harm. I asked, and my mother confirmed, that I should release the entity from its duty and retuern it to the air and earth from where it came.

Once the DNA had been completely restored and the entity unbound there was much more work waiting for us. What I had started earlier for the Earth wasn’t finished. The restored DNA makes us part of changes that are happening in the Earth, even more than we already are. As part of that we are guided to help these changes. First, these took the form of a long series of intuitive treatments for the Earth itself. Linking it to other energies (sun and moon), giving it new forms for living beings, in some sense returning a voice that had been taken from it. This was very trying for both of us. My mother was still experiencing a profound fatigue. The kind of deep tiredness that makes you want to cry. I was struggling with what needed to be done and hoping that when I figured each step out confirmation would come through her shudders and body reactions. There are some parts of this that I can’t talk about because anonymity protects them. Particularly trying was when Mars wanted to be included in these connections but I new it wasn’t right. What needed to be done wasn’t a connection to Mars, but the creation or support of something like a membrane around the Earth to keep certain kinds of harmful energies and connections out.

Next I was drawn outside our solar system. I have no idea where I was, but I saw other stars from a vast distance, shrouded in darkness and their worlds dead or in stasis. My mother was making pained sounds from the effort of staying awake and focusing on our work. I focused and flowed light to wash away the darkness around the stars. “Should I open the worlds?” I asked. “Yes.” came the almost automatic reaction from her. This took more time, flowing the energy that would allow life to reawaken and become linked to the network of stars and the consciousness of all life. Then a connection needed to be made between these worlds and Earth and made to last beyond my involvement. Then we were done. I could come home from so far away. I stretched back toward Earth, but something wasn’t right. Eventually I realized that in flowing energy for so many worlds had I built up a residual shell of negative energies that couldn’t be brought back through the membrane around the Earth. I let go of this shell, making sure it was taken into custody, and slowly descended through the membrane and back into the local Earth energy system. Very thankfully my mother could then go to sleep. She had not directly experienced everything that happened, as I had. She had just felt it in her body and heard what we were saying. I said good night.

I was shell shocked. I felt stretched beyond the limits of my ego. My soul carried all this lightly, but psychologically speaking I couldn’t take the rapid change in perspective. I couldn’t take the flux. I’ve done a lot of work very much like this, but never so much, so far and so intense. I’m still recovering. Looking back over my description I realize that I’ve provided the external perspective without the internal meaning. Through this work with the Earth and beyond I had been changed very deeply. My inability to think that human beings can change is gone. A great deal of fear is gone to. I was shown that a different world is possible, not just different trappings for the old human foibles, but a genuine change in who we are, as humans, as societies and as a world.

The unfortunate thing is that after being shown how different things can be, I have to come back into how things are, where mowing the lawn, polite social lies and horrific ignorance and cruelty pass for normality.

August 24, 2009

“the confidently said is never flashy
the flashy remark lacks all confidence

the person who knows what he’s talking about
never argues while the person who doesn’t know

what he’s talking about always argues
a person who understands something doesn’t dabble

yet the dabbler never understands anything
avoid the accumulation and expansion of things

put what you have to other people’s use
do that and you will experience true accumulation

the overarching dao is pointed but doesn’t injure
the specific dao is to do what you do without arguing”

– daode jing, Thomas Meyer translation

Feel the Earth, Drink the Sky

August 9, 2009

I’ve been going through shifts and inner work again, as if I ever really stopped. Working with a very skilled medicine woman has intensified and added to the shifts that the Music from Beyond the World was guiding for me.

To get out of my head and release the energy that builds up there I’ve started lying down on my back porch, which is just large enough for my back, leaving my legs trailing down the steps. It’s quiet. There’s my backyard and a little tree that’s growing out of my foundation right next to me. My patch of green in the city. The Green and the Earth help. I can stare into the Sky. I can feel my crown chakra drinking its energy, like a clear lake hanging over my head.

I touch the Green. The energy of the little tree, the collective plant energy. I know and feel the love and support coming from the level on which the little tree is part of a conscious being. It’s bitter sweet. I know that if I don’t cut down the little tree, the foundation will split. It’s caught between the porch and the house, so I can’t transplant it. I ask the Music if the little tree would mind being cut down, with a tinge of guilt. I’m using my fingers to ask, and the answer is very clear. My fingers twist as they pull apart, causing my thumb to dig into my middle finger hard enough to sting and leave a mark. “That’s as much as it would hurt” is the message. I know that the Green experiences the world differently than I do, and that this tree is only a small part of it, but I still haven’t brought myself to where I can end this expression its existence.

“A Gospel of Sorts”

August 9, 2009

I’ve just added Open Your Eyes and Love Them: A Gospel of Sorts to my blogroll.

It’s really a tremendously interesting and beautiful journey that I’ve only just started to take in. It’s essentially a woman’s journal of becoming aware of subtle realities, first within the long abandoned roots of her Catholic upbringing, then extending out into a direct experience of her understanding of god and the life of Yeshua, that transcends denomination, religion, language and, ultimately, time and space.

If anyone’s wondering, the only religious indoctrination that I’ve received in my life was when my father told me that when he was growing up as a Christian Scientist he was told that “God is love.”

Techs to Politics (3rd to 5th chakra)

August 8, 2009

This is a perfect (edit: intellectual) description of how 3rd chakra states of consciousness relate to 5th chakra states of conscioussness.

Technology is Political, by Jamais Cascio

3rd chakra consciousness (technological) is all about a personal, individual experience of reality, the choices that derive from it, and the energy to enact those choices. There is only one vision, yours. What you can see and touch is reality. 3rd chakra has great power in terms of understanding and manipulating the world within a single vision, or reality tunnel. 3rd chakra consciousness fails when it mistakes it’s vision for the only vision.

5th chakra consciousness (politics) is all about the direct experience of your culture, its past and future, the choices that can be made within its context and the energy to organize them. 5th chakra has great power in terms of aligning and optimizing the interaction many visions for the evolution of a society, or the achievement of a goal. 5th chakra consciousness fails when it mistakes control of these many visions for the goal itself.

Edit: The description I’ve given here is a very 3rd chakra way of describing chakras, which are generally perceived in 6th chakra state of consciousness where higher dimensional, seemingly metaphorical realities become tangibly real. An example of this would be that the 3rd chakra is also directly linked to the energy of the sun

Time to Laugh

August 7, 2009

“If parasitic worms pop out of your mouth, I’m going to be very displeased.” – My mom, today as I demonstrated the involuntary muscle motion in my throat, face and head as I allow the Music from Beyond the World to work on me.

Biospheres and a Shift to Fourth Dimensionsal (Heart Chakra) Consciousness

August 6, 2009

I view the shift of consciousness that Poynter describes as an entrance into direct perceptual awareness of the fourth dimension. This can be seen as the intellectual description of opening the heart chakra. To experience and truly understand ones unity with life itself throughout time, and beyond that, all being, is the entrance to true empathy.