To Heal the Past and Guard the Future: 1

Both of these tasks occupy a great deal of my time, at many scales and frequencies. Aside from the many physical, emotional and intellectual ways in which this is accomplished, there are several energetic experiences and techniques which form the basis of much of my work. I have avoided talking about these subjects because I was afraid that I could not do them justice. The technical complexity is immense at the intellectual level and there can be truly unforseen complications at any step of the techniques and experiences I describe.

Traumas from present incarnations require somewhat different methods to be healed, usually what any good reiki practitioner or energy healer can help you with. That being said, many traumas from a present incarnation have roots in past incarnations. Healing those origins can be more complicated and challenging.

There are two primary kinds of negative influence from traumas in past incarnations. These are karma and negative/non-optimal timelines. Karma, to take Alan Watts definition, means action. Karma, as defined within my work, is any negative action/energy that is being continued by the individual from the past in the present. Karma can be from the present incarnation, but past incarnations are a much more likely source. Karma is usually exhibited, at least externally, in repeated life patterns, such as loss of romantic relationships through a particular issue, failure in business or education, repetition of self destructive behaviors, etc. These patterns will often seem to be beyond the individuals control, and often on the physical level they may be. Persecution and recrimination will not address the heart of the issue, as it lies far beyond the level of conscious awareness and is far too complicated for most people to deal with effectively at an intuitive level. Karma also manifests as latent action or potential, rather than obvious external patters. This becomes more of a concern when extensive energy work is undertaken.

If you have karma, barring some exceptional cases, it is something that you are doing, not something that is being done to you by someone else. Karma is usually personal in my experience. It can be shared, but usually only between a small number of people who were directly involved in the events surrounding its creation. As in most energy work, treating, or even recognizing your own problems can be difficult or impossible. Seeking help from those you trust is paramount.

Treatment of karma takes many forms. I will be discussing my own. To me, it usually appears as a dark, slightly transparent cloud within the energy body, as if some set of motions had been blurred together by a time laps camera. Before treatment can begin, it is important to determine if the bearer of the karma must know what caused it before it can be released. I may know this intuitively, but asking the Universal Healing Energy or another suitable guide is the safest and most common method. Please see my post on guide communication if you haven’t already read about that technique. If the bearer most know the nature of the karma before it can be released then a series of question must be used to reach the necessary level of detail for understanding to occur. Assuring that the genesis of karma took place in a past incarnation, the present incarnation, or between incarnation is the first step. Next, determine if any of the bearers present relations, such as immediate family and friends were involved in creating the karma (Edit: in this or another incarnation. Or between incarnations). From years of experience I can say that this is often the case. Edit: Souls that have karma together often incarnate together. Continue by determining if the karma was caused by injury. If so, was it to the bearer, or did he or she cause it to someone else? Continue in this way until enough is known so that the bearer can recognize and truly release the karma. This process will not always be necessary. Some karma can be released without knowledge of its cause. Always check with your guides.

From here I have seen treatment take two paths, though I am sure many more exist. The first is my usual approach, which is to energetically observe the karma and to either direct my own energies, focusing on it’s complete release and dissolution from the bearer, or to ask the Universal Healing Energy to guide my energies in releasing and completely ending the karma. The second path is the one that my mother most often uses, which is a more programing like approach based on detailing steps of karma release and removal and asking the UHE to carry these out. I’ll relate this approach in another post or by request.

A timeline is the trans-personal energy of a relatively linear series of interrelated events. Timelines can be from a present incarnation, but are more often the result of traumas, negative energies and so on from past incarnations. An example of this would be that in many past incarnations I caused injury, intentionally and unintentionally. Within each of those incarnations this initial injury resulted in a series of events which altered my own timeline, the timelines of those around me and, less often, of the world that I inhabited. These many timelines can be viewed as separate or as one, depending on the perspective and abilities of the observer. Timelines usually include many people, but because the energy is trans-personal, only the individuals that actually need healing must to be included in the treatment. The effects of timelines are even more variable than karma, so making list of patterns symptoms to look for would be misleading. You just need to ask, or to know.

I see timelines as having a very specific structure. Understanding that structure was important in my initial attempts to heal them with my own abilities, and even in my guided attempts. A timeline appears in my sight as initially just a line, tube or thread of light. To the left side I will always see the root of the timeline, a device which exists outside the causal reality and anchors the energetic significance of the events that transpire within. To the right the timeline seems to disappear into a semi-transparent field of energy. This field represents transpersonal influences of the timeline in energetic reality. The time line itself has structure as well. Looking more closely, it becomes apparent that a matrix runs through the energy of the timeline. I call this a causality matrix, named for its purpose, which is to maintain the dominance of whatever system of causality exists in the reality that timeline transpires in.

To heal a timeline can be relatively simple or very complicated. Sometimelines must be understod before they can be healed, particularly if they involve specific individuals that you are working with, or if they centre on great atrocities. Use the same method of questioning that I described for use with karma. Once the timeline is understood, or if it can be treated without knowing it’s cause, the next step is to search for negative energies, intelligences and beings within the timeline. Any of these will subvert any attempt to heal the timeline, and were likely the catalyst for the negative timeline itself. There is no contradiction in that these beings are present in the past, considering that energy in its natural state exists outside time. If present, these negative forces must be removed. From experience I know that it is very difficult to remove all negative influences from a timeline. Asking for help and guidance from positive forces in usually best. There are some very powerful negative intelligences that cannot be taken into custody, as usually happens to negative energies. These intelligences must simply be pushed out of the timeline and all access points, actual or potential be sealed to prevent their return. I will discuss methods of dealing with these intelligences more deeply in another post. Once negative energies have ben removed from the timeline the actual healing can begin.

To heal the timeline, it is necessary to temporarily disengage the causality matrix, even though all that is usually being altered is the energy of the time line the matrix would that in place as well as the physicality. Once the matrix is disengaged, the energies of the timeline must be optimally realigned from beginning to end. As the process is occurring, the frequency of the timeline’s root must be changed to match the timelines’s new alignment. This will take more energy that most other aspects of this technique, but nothing extraordinary. From there continue the realignment of energies in the other direction, to the transpersonal energies of the timeline. send the changes out into this field. If you understand how to heal timelines at an intuitive level none of this knowledge is necessary at the intellectual level.

My next post will detail a method of guarding the future through the optimization of probability-scapes.


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