Lived Experience

I was just leaving the grocery store. I felt a pang in my heart chakra. I felt forces gathering and energy wishing to flow and I allowed it. The energy pulled up from the ground and down from the sky and met in my head. My sense of ego, place and time washed away and I knew that the Earth and Sky were communicating and expressing their love for each other through me. Overwhelming.

And it faded away. Only a moment had passed. I was just standing in the middle of the parking lot with my shopping cart. For the people walking around me nothing had happened.

I have no idea how to express that I never bought into a culture (Edit: Intentionally). That this is just my experience of being alive. After the experience fades I can go find ten scientific papers saying energy medicine doesn’t work and a smaller number saying it does. Neither of those facts changes that my own mother has been crouched and whimpering in empathic terror with the soul of someone we are working on who is being tormented by insectile beings from a world on a different vibrational frequency. It doesn’t change that I was the conduit for the light that stopped them. Within their own contexts those experiences are as intensely perceived to me as the computer in front of me, and I can’t just turn them off and walk away.

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3 Responses to “Lived Experience”

  1. Stace Says:

    I am a bit stunned by this post –

    The first paragraph echoes my last post to my page, but in a totally new situation: Resonance in a new combination … and where the waves meet, a unique hologram is always at its moment of creation.

    Thanks for sharing the story of healing, too – of your being the conduit for the light. It reads totally straight from the heart.

  2. wildrote Says:

    There is a tension between the contexts in which I live my life. I felt the need to express that.

    I was in a more emotional state of mind than I usually am when I write my posts. My hope now is that what I said didn’t create a defensive reaction in anyone who read it. That would be entirely contrary to my point.

    I mentioned my mother’s reaction because for me personally it says a lot. Everyone who knows her thinks of her as profoundly strong, effective person. She doesn’t crouch or whimper in any normal situation and often enough it’s me who needs the help from her.

  3. Stace Says:

    I think your point was well taken, at least by the calibre of readers that you must have. I find that to endeavour to share our experience in a way that stirs up empathy in others is difficult and exhaustive, but is also one of the best ways to help ourselves and those who choose to read what we’ve written. To be understood – isn’t that what most people want? Complexity is a good thing….and to be able to integrate and express complexity the way you do is a gift, although it may not always seem that way…

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