Soul Purpose Healing

Soul Purpose Healing 004

As my card illustrates, I’ve started to see clients.

I’m doing free consultations and work until I can build a set of referrals that demonstrate how much benefit a person can expect to derive.

I doubt anyone from my area will happen across this post, so I’ll say that I can work by phone if necessary. Physical presence is always preferable, but not always possible.

I have particular skill in ending past life issues such as karma, negative timelines and soul contracts, as well removing negative forces (alien and dimensional beings, negative energies and intelligences and interference from other souls) that resist ordinary healing techniques and creating a positive state of being to prevent their return. My work has ranged quite far and I simply enjoy working with other healers and energyworkers.

Please feel free to e-mail me at the address on my card if you want to inquire about my services or the e-mail on my page on this site for general inquires or conversation.


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