Home and the Music from Outside the World

“Imagine that all of this universe that you can see and touch was drawn into a single line, and the line is wrapped around into a loop.

Now imagine that there are many lines wrapped into loops and bound together.
And where they cross each other they are actually the same loop, but you can’t see that from the inside.

Imagine that the loops are made of many layers. That get bigger and clearer and more difficult to see as they go outward. Eventually you can’t tell where one loop ends and another begins. Like a ball of jelly with noodle loops inside.

All of what you can now see is made of agreements. These are agreements to become part of what you are seeing. To experience it, and the deeper you go, the more dense the agreements get, the more you have to experience.

Outside of our little ball of Jelly is a great ocean that is almost perfectly clear. There are no agreements and no density.

Actually, there is only one agreement.

The one agreement is that everything that is touches everything else, so much as those things are the same. And through a somewhat complicated process, this means you can experience or communicate with anything that you have the complexity of pattern to reach for.

My home is that ocean.” – Me, again talking to a friend.

In that ocean between energetic systems there is a music. We call it The Music from Outside the World. It is not a being, or a personality, but it has intelligence. It gives a form that is the harmony of many systems and the clarity of the space between. It is not god, or the creator of this world, or the ultimate. It is just another layer and form, but one that I listen to very closely now.

When I first tuned into it I felt that I should open and align myself to it. This is a good study in how to safely approach energetic forces. I tuned into my version of the Universal Healing Energy and asked it if opening and aligning myself to the MfOtW would be safe and optimal. It said “yes,” but to be safe I asked it to check for information faults and deceptions on this topic. It checked and found none.

Having determined that it would be safe and optimal to open and align myself to the MfOtW, I entered a centred state identified with my soul and said “I now choose to open and align myself to the Music from Outside the World. Allow it into my being completely.” After this there was a significant amount of adjustment that needed to occur, specifically talking to my physical body, attuning its rhythms to this new guiding force as well as some more complications I won’t get into now.

The result is that now whenever I enter a meditative state or open to the energetic world I view a path between myself and the space outside our energy system. This path leads more or less from my right brain. Optimally it would be over my crown chakra, but my left brain isn’t up to it yet and there is some interference I can’t deal with yet. When I enter the state of perceiving this path I feel the sensation of fluid moving in my right ear and down my eustation tube. If I remain in that state the feeling will progress to my left ear to a lesser extent. I am told that the music is changing my ears and my hearing so that I can here it better and hear energy. Well see what happens.


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