Paths of Evolution

This post contains information I’m less sure of than usual. I’m writing it because it may be of use to some people now, but I hope that my understanding of the situation will not be taken as authoritative. Most of the experiences that I’m drawing on to write this material are what made me most question my sanity. Indefinite, immaterial forces and souls are much easier to deal with than the specifics of alien life.

I’ll be writing about three paths of evolution that roughly correspond to “aliens” that have been described by UFO experiencers, meditators, shamans and other’s who enter a more open and aware state of consciousness. Each of these paths represents a way that certain souls have chosen to develop, one or more physical planets or worlds (on a number of different vibrational frequencies), and a species. Given that each path represents so much I can easily say that exceptions are the rule. Not all members of the three species are on the path I associate with them, nor are all individuals on a given world on that world’s path.

The three species are humans, reptilians and insectiles. I’ll briefly touch on greys, but I have very little contact with them as individuals or as a species. None of the paths I describe here is more right than another. All have been corrupted for negative purposes in various times and places.

for the sake of starting from the familiar, I’ll begin with our world and our species, assuming you are a human on Earth. Each path of evolution describes a way of being through which a species and the souls of its individuals will optimally develop in complexity and the fulfillment of their potentials. Almost all humans are on what I would call a path of empathy, as are most of the parallel worlds and dimensions that are all Earth to a greater or lesser extent. Though each person, and world, has their own path and way of being that can be completely unique, as a species our highest range of perception and ability tends to manifests when we are able to let go of separation and recognize our unity with the all being, material and energetic. There are many kinds of humans on many different worlds and Earth is not what I would call our truest point of origin, but I do think our physical bodies evolved here.

The next path is the tendency of reptilian beings. I call it the path of maya, which is a sanskrit word that is usually used to describe our physical world, but literally means illusion, magic and creative power, according to Alan Watts at least. From what I have been told by my guides, and heard from other people who have talked about the reptilians, I don’t think they have a true home world anymore. Their path is to evolve by and through what they can create and control, either positive or negative. To those on a well developed path of empathy their ways usually seem to be helpful, often beautiful illusion at best, or very destructive lies at worst. This is because it is their way to create that which is seen as separate from all being. Most language is a very reptilian development in my eyes. There are very positive reptilians, but in the local context of Earth most seem to be quite negative.

The last path is the tendency of the insectiles. These beings are relatively rarely encountered in the Earth energetic system, but I have a long history with their species through many lives. Their path is difficult to describe. The best way I have been able to describe it is as the path of self-achievement. They tend to view each individual’s demonstrable skills and abilities as the highest ideal. what cannot be defined doesn’t fit into their perspective easily. That being said they usually have great mastery over what they do recognize. I know essentially nothing about their home world.

As I’ve said, I have very little experience with greys, but I can echo a cliche about them at least. I am not aware of a unified path of development for greys as a species. This implies to me that they are not a race that developed spontaneously.

I’ve personally had more experience with the Reptilians than any other race. Specifically some very negative ones working on Earth. Overall very reminiscent of the work of David Ick, which at the time I found disappointing because I didn’t want to be stark raving bonkers. I’ve never had a physical encounter and I’m highly skeptical of the physical presence of aliens within the average human’s vibrational frequency, but I don’t rule it out.


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4 Responses to “Paths of Evolution”

  1. Quanta Says:

    I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts so openly. Thank goodness for consciousness! I’m grateful for the ability to think of such possibilities as you’ve presented here.


  2. wildrote Says:

    Thank you.

  3. Bruceleeeowe Says:

    Do you know about maya? Reptilians are described in ancient indian text as sarpa who lives either beneath the crust of earth or another parallel universe? Does it not lead to same?

  4. wildrote Says:

    I’ve read quite a bit about about reptilians appearing in many mythologies, but not that one before. I’ll want to look it up now.

    Edit: It seems I’m a bit fuzzy minded today. I originally interpreted maya (sanskrit word) as Maya (South American civilization), even though I used the word maya in this post.

    One of the reasons that I have been less comfortable bringing up reptilians and other alien beings is that they have become a part of popular culture through the experiences of others. As a facet of popular culture, whatever I say about reptilians will come with all the baggage of that culture, when all I really want to talk about is what I’ve experienced first hand or have been told by my guides.

    Edit: I am very interested what various cultures have to say on this topic. Any sources or links that you could suggest would be welcome.

    Thanks for the information,

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