Forces, Intelligences and Souls

“We all dance to the music of our true homes, and mine comes from there (open energetic reality).” – Chris, The Big Picture

When I talk about that music, I’m talking about a force, or energy. Complex and guiding, but not conscious or intelligent in the way that we usually mean that word.

Intelligences are just that, intelligent, usually self aware, but they do not have consiousnesnes in the way that I mean that word. They are information without consciousness, thus they are limited to the levels of reality from which their information is drawn. The human body without the soul is an intelligence.

Souls are conscious by definition. Usually when I speak about the soul I am actually speaking about a combination of two things, the local perturbation of the consciousness field that permeates all information, and the information structure that the local perturbation has manifested. Only the local perturbation of the consciousness field is actually the soul. The relationship is very much like that of the physical body and the energy body. The physical body dies while the energy body lives on in a more permanent fashion. So the informational manifestation of the soul may be destroyed, but the soul, the true consciousness, lives on in the most permanent fashion.

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6 Responses to “Forces, Intelligences and Souls”

  1. Quanta Says:

    I see – the soul is part of a continuum, but is more specifically a perturbation within that continuum – thus a product and also a creator of perturbations. Fractals (echoing souls?) appear in this sidelined corridor carved with your thoughts, your words. You’ve uttered a compelling concept. I’m grateful.

    Enough waxing:

    I can visualise the cosmos being connected, quanta by quanta, uninterrupted – thereby encoding coherent chaos into the weave of time, essentially both communal and individual … thus, the “soul” of which you speak.

  2. wildrote Says:

    I think you’ve more or less got what I was saying, Stace, and put beautifully to. I’ll post something related to “echoing souls” on the various kinds of soul-energybody life cycles I’ve observed.

    Note: I don’t know if this is believable coming from me, but I try not to conceptualize more than I feel I need to. I just see these different patters interacting and attempt to describe them.

    I can’t even tell you how the consciousness field isn’t information, I just know it isn’t, thus allowing it to be without loss or destruction and to tune into any level reality or kind of information.

  3. adarnay Says:

    Like it!! Like it a lot. One comment about the word “information.” To me it means something forming within something–much as a message is from two living actualities to one another. The receiver cannot simultaneously be the message, hence I think in terms of agencies. That’s wat it feels like to be me. I read that into what you’re saying, and if you don’t say it in stark geometric terms, that’s because you dislike conceptualization. But you still use a lot of concepts too…

  4. wildrote Says:

    adarnay, you’re going to get me into trouble with my own words.

    You are correct in that information requires a duality, but I’m going to put a finer point on it than the message and receiver of your example. Information requires a positive and a negative aspect to exist. The essential examples of these positive and negatives aspects are the peaks and troughs of waves, the ones and zeros of binary and the light and dark of the yin and yang. The need for duality is the need for the possibility of change. Without the basic division of positive and negative, there is only indefinite unity, which can only be seen as perfect silence or perfect noise, both without meaning.

    Information, energy (and matter) are synonymous. They are always and only a process. Change. A flow from positive to negative and back again that may be observed against the background of perfect silence/noise. I use the words information and energy as I would talk about sub-atomic particles compared to macroscopic objects. The same, but at a different scale. Thus, I prefer to talk about information/energy(/matter), but that becomes confusing rather easily.

    Consciousness is without duality. It is without change. It is without loss, yet I know it evolves. I can see it, but I don’t know how it is.

  5. sarah Says:

    My experience from the insights that have come from who I am as conciousness living in physical form…….. is that we are all of it.

    My flesh…. holds information from my experiences from my parents that are from beliefs values and attitudes…. becuase they experienced being human in a society so closed as it is….. i hold conditioning “information” in the tissues of my body. i beleive right now that I choose to be born to them for a reason based on my previous life experiences and where i left off at.

    Who I AM… not essence with this conditioning…as I was taught to believe. Who I am….is pure conciousness that is awakening in each moment as I engage and choose as each holographic experience presents in my physical experience of life. Through breathe and claiming the truth of my experience (apart from an ultimate truth/reality out there)…..I come to know and express who I am in my purest form. That vibration rumbles in the field and impacts everything.

    For me……intellect is only for choosing after the body leads and provides me with insights after I choose to claim my truth in the moment. The hype of your worth being based on how many facts you know is a very low vibration and never felt right for me. Not that its good bad right or wrong…..but it no longer serves my growth and who i now am.

    Internal referencing… life from the internal ques of whats next….when…where and how offers me a very different way to experience the physical realm and allow my light to flow and express.

    I am spirit/conciousness that moves through tissue…to discover who i am in each moment and to come to know that everything I experience is a holographic image …or playground….for me to create a life thats meaningful for me….. not to subscribe to something external. For me there is only what feels true for me in the moment….and it changes… I become more.

    I LOVE this blog…thanks so much for creating it:)

  6. wildrote Says:

    You are welcome, Sara

    And thank you for the comment.

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