Be Here Now

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone describe how I experience the world so succinctly before.

The form of the video is just as important as the literal message, though I think it will probably be lost on the majority of those who don’t already understand. For those who are reading this that didn’t understand, but wish to, there are many kinds of mind and awareness. This is a completely obvious statement. Ask anyone and give them a minute to figure out what they think and they’ll probably agree. The problem of understanding arises in that we don’t act like there are many kinds of consciousness. We treat consciousness like a box for information. The information is the important thing and it just always happens to come in a box, but to use a cliche, playing with the box can be much more rewarding than playing with what came in it.

The video begins with a long musical pause. This period is present to allow the background chatter of the mind to subside. Most people I know have armor plated background chatter and would just find this period an annoying waste of time or pleasant, but pointless. After the musical pause Ram Dass begins a process of further consciousness alteration. The point of letting go of the past and future is not to convey an idea, but to alter your consciousness in such a way that you can enter the realm where you can experience your own soul.

Ram continues to speak very slowly and clearly so as not to break or disturb the inner lucidity he as hopefully allowed into being. When I am tuning into my soul, or the universal healing energy, or my other guides, this is often how I talk. It is a process of allowing the the words and what you actually think and feel to form and express itself, not of grabbing it and pushing it out into the world.


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